The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem’s Workshop Finds a New Home

Most everyone is familiar with the old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  There’s no doubt that lemons have been abundant this year, and the performing arts organizations in our city, including The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem, have had more than their share. So, what to do?  Faced with cancelled shows, classes, and […]

Truth vs. Politcians

When I was a child, my mom washed my mouth out with Dial soap. Let me tell you, I don’t recommend it. At least on the receiving end. It wasn’t the brand either. I don’t think Dove would have been an improvement. It wasn’t for cursing. The typical old school punishment at the time. This time […]

Working on Conversation and Listening Skills When Students Aren’t in School

No matter how you feel about the world’s current situation, it’s safe to admit one thing: we’re all lacking social connection. Especially our students. As an improv teacher and conversation coach, I know how skills can atrophy quickly when they aren’t being used. While we’re working on finding whatever the new normal is, here are […]

When Traveling for the Holidays is Detrimental to Your Health

While the holiday season is a wonderful time to spend with family, it can also be incredibly stressful. Between having to schlep across states with young kids, putting up with your mother-in-law’s comments about your decorating skill, or the monumental task of having to cater to multiple dietary needs and preferences for a large meal, […]

Bountiful Benefits and Beauty of Adoption

Past the age of childbearing or unable to have children? Adoption may be the answer. Adopting a baby or child can be mutually beneficial. Not only are you giving your adoptee a much-needed home, but also a brand new life and hopeful future. The addition to your family requires long-term commitment and some other key […]

Gifts of the Disabled Mind: Depression

Mental health has always been a prevailing issue among human beings. With 2020 being such an eventful year for many reasons—a pandemic, racial injustice resulting in further violence, and economic crises—depression rates are rising. As of this year, 322 million people are suffering from depression worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Women are twice […]

My Grace-Full Life: A Change of Direction

I read a new Bible every year, and my new year starts over in August.  Which is weird, I know.  My inner-OCD really wants my annual start-over to fall on January 1.  However, after years of unsuccessful New Year’s resolutions to read the Bible in a year, I realized that there’s no time like the […]

It’s Great To Be Back In School

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in at least one positive thing: a much greater appreciation for the importance of in-person education. At St. John’s Lutheran School on Silas Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem, its small class sizes, strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols, and a safe-nurturing Christian Environment has recaptured the value of face-to-face learning for many […]

Forsyth Family Dental Successfully Adapts during the Pandemic

Like most dental practices in North Carolina, Forsyth Family Dental closed for six weeks earlier this year as a precaution when the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced, and saw patients during that time only on an emergency basis.   When health officials said that dental practices could reopen with safety measures in place, Forsyth Family Dental was fully […]

Purple Feather Designs

Brittany Freeman is a married mom of one who calls Kernersville home.  With the support of her husband, Brian, and a plethora of family and friends, she launched Purple Feather Designs in January 2019.  Her business is based on embracing her love for creativity and fashionable jewelry. Brittany’s “Memaw” inspired the name and much of […]

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