Truth vs. Politcians

When I was a child, my mom washed my mouth out with Dial soap. Let me tell you, I don’t recommend it. At least on the receiving end. It wasn’t […]

Bountiful Benefits and Beauty of Adoption

Past the age of childbearing or unable to have children? Adoption may be the answer. Adopting a baby or child can be mutually beneficial. Not only are you giving your […]

Gifts of the Disabled Mind: Depression

Mental health has always been a prevailing issue among human beings. With 2020 being such an eventful year for many reasons—a pandemic, racial injustice resulting in further violence, and economic […]

It’s Great To Be Back In School

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in at least one positive thing: a much greater appreciation for the importance of in-person education. At St. John’s Lutheran School on Silas Creek Parkway […]

Purple Feather Designs

Brittany Freeman is a married mom of one who calls Kernersville home.  With the support of her husband, Brian, and a plethora of family and friends, she launched Purple Feather […]

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