It’s Great To Be Back In School

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in at least one positive thing: a much greater appreciation for the importance of in-person education.

At St. John’s Lutheran School on Silas Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem, its small class sizes, strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols, and a safe-nurturing Christian Environment has recaptured the value of face-to-face learning for many Pre-K thru 5th graders in the area.

St. John’s new principal, Nathan Kottlowski, affectionately known as “Mr. K.,” jumped feet-first into his new position in July. There was no question he had his work cut out for himself in preparing for the new school year. He didn’t know when he started if children would need to learn remotely, or if they were going to come to the school. When Governor Cooper announced how schools would need to operate in Phase 2, Mr. K. began a series of long days and weeks of getting the school ready for teachers and students to meet in-person.

“I am incredibly blessed and honored to be in the position I’m in here at St. John’s. I knew coming into it, there would be challenges, but with my faith and the incredible support our teachers and office staff, we were ready for the kids, and it’s great to have them here,” Mr. K said.

Mr. K., a name he acquired in his 32 years of public and private school education, is enjoying a second career, of sorts. He taught for many years within the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school system, and after receiving his Master’s Degree in Education Leadership and School Administration, he leaped at the opportunity to return to St. John’s, where his career in education began.

CDC Compliant

From having children screened for a fever every morning to needing to wear masks and stay socially distant from their classmates and teachers, it has been an adjustment for everyone.  But being able to be together in a class is showing its advantages.

“Kids are resilient, and it didn’t take long for them to adapt to what is now just a normal school day,”Mr. K. said.“And with our small class sizes, they are getting invaluable support from our incredible teachers.”

While it is still out of the question to play on the playground at recess and have weekly chapel with the whole school, the students and teachers have simply adapted. Chapel is now virtual and teachers have learned creative ways to keep their classes as active as possible in the confines of the classroom. Everyone understands the importance of social distancing.

Regardless of the circumstances, St. John’s mission to Develop Minds, Serve Communities, and Grow in Faith is as strong as ever.

Community service projects are instrumental at every grade level, and while students are not actively going out into the community to serve, they are still learning the importance of giving back. ”We’re encouraging students to think outside of the walls of their homes and school,” said Tom Baldwin, Director of Admissions. “Being Christ-focused, we use community service opportunities to help our kids understand that we’re all here to serve a higher purpose, which includes serving others, being good stewards of the earth and its resources, and working in groups to achieve a common goal.”

St. John’s is incredibly affordable. Classes are filling up but there are still spaces left in some grades. To review the tuition at St. Johns go to and discover how affordable it is. And if a student comes into the school now, their tuition will be pro-rated. “Even at that low price, we know tuition may still be out of reach for some people,” Baldwin said. “But there are grants and scholarships available, like the Opportunity Scholarship through the state.”

St. John’s Lutheran School is accredited and is conveniently located at 2415 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston Salem, NC 27103

To set up a tour contact :
Sonia Davidson 336-413-6304 for Preschool.  Tom Baldwin 336-971-1690 for K-5

For more information, visit or call 336.725.1651.


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