Forsyth Family Dental Successfully Adapts during the Pandemic

Like most dental practices in North Carolina, Forsyth Family Dental closed for six weeks earlier this year as a precaution when the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced, and saw patients during that time only on an emergency basis.  

When health officials said that dental practices could reopen with safety measures in place, Forsyth Family Dental was fully prepared.

“All of us need to take the necessary precautions as recommended by health officials, but the good thing is that in the dental world, we were already doing so many of the things that are now normal everywhere,” Dr. Charlotte Broughton said. “Masks, for example—we’ve been wearing them for our entire careers. Having said that, we have added extra levels of protection, such as asking patients to wear masks while inside Forsyth Family Dental.”

Dr. Broughton said that additional safety measures that Forsyth Family Dental has implemented include screening every patient, installing plexiglass barriers, adding more air filters, wearing protective face shields and jackets, and limiting the number of people in the waiting room.

“Patients have been very receptive and appreciative of the guidelines that we have put in place. And they’ve been very willing to do their part to keep everyone safe,” she said. “We’ve been very blessed to have a staff that wants to be here for our patients. Our patients are our family, and we want to be here for them.”

“We feel that patients respect us and will let us know if they don’t feel well before coming into the building,” Dr. Broughton said. “The mutual trust and respect between the staff at Forsyth Family Dental and the patients we serve allow us to be here and continue working. We couldn’t be actively working without everyone’s support and desire to be here.”

While serving the needs of its existing patient base, Forsyth Family Dental is accepting new patients as well. When contemplating someone to help guide the health of your and your family’s teeth—be sure to consider the team at Forsyth Family Dental.

“We welcome the opportunity to care for all family members with a variety of treatment needs, from cleanings and routine preventive care, to more cosmetic work, including fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and implant-supported restorations,” Dr. Broughton said. “We appreciate our patients’ trust in us and will work very hard to provide the type of dental care each and every patient deserves.”

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More about Forsyth Family Dental

Formerly Moser, Gallisdorfer & Broughton, DDS, Forsyth Family Dental, rebranded in early 2020.

The practice is located at 116 Jonestown Road in Winston-Salem. With a staff of seven highly skilled hygienists and six caring assistants, Forsyth Family Dental has four dentists:

Dr. Jeffrey M. Gallisdorfer

Dr. Charlotte C. Broughton

Dr. Elizabeth D. Corbin

Dr. Sarah E. Simpson



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