Hidden Gems in Forsyth County: Part 3 – Beat the heat with a cold treat from Twin City Sweets

I’m excited to share another hidden gem in Forsyth County. Twin City Sweets is a little “off the beaten path,” so it’s easy to miss or not know about, but it is a must-visit ice cream destination in Winston-Salem! It is located off Clemmonsville Road near Stratford Road making it easy to access from many different routes. You won’t be disappointed you stopped in. 

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth  

From sundaes to floats, there is something to satisfy any sweet tooth. You can get scoops of ice cream in cups or waffle cones, or try out one of their amazing sundae combinations. Not only are the sundaes all delicious, but they have fun local names, like The Winston Worm or The Old Salem, as well. 

Ice cream flavors range from classics, such as, chocolate and vanilla, to more unique flavors, such as, cappuccino crunch and salted caramel truffle. 

If you have food restrictions, they are great about working with you to customize their desserts, too. For example, I have celiac disease, so I can’t have gluten. They made sure not to put the mint oreos in my The Triad Triple Mint Sundae. They even have a dairy-free vegan vanilla ice cream option.

In addition to an abundance of ice cream options, they have candy apples, candy apple lollipops, banana pudding, floats and nuts that are either honey roasted or have cinnamon sugar on them. 

Enjoy Family Fun While You Eat Your Desserts

Not only can you get the entire family dessert, but you can also have fun hanging out at Twin City Sweets. They have games set up like corn hole, and there is plenty of space for little ones to run around and burn off all that sugar!

Also, they have plenty of cool photo opportunities like a large wooden chair with their logo and holiday or fun backdrops. One thing to note before you go, they have an outdoor-only set-up; there is no indoor seating, so plan accordingly!

Don’t Miss Themed and Holiday Desserts

Don’t miss the holiday and festive themed desserts and the fun they offer all season long. From Independence Day to Harry Potter, there is always something exciting happening at Twin City Sweets. 

They even do themed weeks like video game week! Each of the themed weeks brings great new dessert options!

Their open season is typically until late October, but they often host Christmas pop-up events with some amazing festive desserts. 

Details to Visit Twin City Sweets

Location: 2594 W. Clemmonsville Road, Winston-Salem

Hours: Wednesday-Friday 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.; Saturday & Sunday 2:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Instagram: @twincitysweets


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