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It’s no secret that seeing the world clearly makes all the difference in your daily wellness routine. Always with the personalized care you deserve and nurturing healthy vision with comprehensive eye care since 2009, Hillcrest Vision celebrated its 15th anniversary in Winston-Salem earlier this year by opening a second location in Mocksville, NC. They have also added a third doctor to the practice, Dr. Mark Miriello, to increase the capacity to care for patients in both towns. 

Now, they also serve neighbors in Davie County – where founder Dr. Juawana Hall and Dr. Seth Jones, who joined the practice in 2023, both call home. Dr. Hall discovered a void in eye care options in the area and wanted to bring the same level of care to Mocksville residents that patients have come to appreciate from the original location.

“I am grateful to be able to expand our services to Mocksville. My patients know the quality of care I provide, and I have hand-selected both Dr. Seth and Dr. Miriello to continue to extend that care to more patients in both communities,” she adds. “Patients have already begun raving about their experiences with both doctors, and I’m excited to hear about the impact they’re making.”

Through those 15 years of serving Winston-Salem families, a culture supporting supreme patient care has been instilled in the Hillcrest Vision team. That strong work ethic not only contributed to the successful addition of a second location, but also drives their ability to continue making patients feel at ease with their customized treatment plans. And, they offer one of the largest selections of frames and lenses in Winston-Salem.

“Our team has experienced significant growth with the new location and expanded services, but it’s built on the foundation of our core team that has been serving our patients for a long time,” Dr. Hall explains proudly. “Joey, our optician, has been with us for 10 years, while Casey, also an optician, and Jamie, who works in administration, each celebrate nine years this year. Heather, our office manager, has been with us seven years, and our technician, Allyson, celebrates five years.”

Dr. Hall explains their patient-centric philosophy. “We have a high-tech, high-touch approach to patient care, utilizing multiple technologies during an exam to allow us to best diagnose and treat eye disease. We extend that technology to our optical products, to ensure the quality of the doctor’s prescription continues on to the lenses and frames our patients select and wear all year long.”

Pairing technology with a passionate desire to connect with patients and truly listen to their concerns allows the team to develop an individualized treatment plan patients can carry out realistically. “We need to understand how our patients use their vision every single day in order to recommend customized optical solutions for them,” she adds. 

Three treatments in particular are currently sharing the spotlight in patient care at Hillcrest Vision: Glaucoma, Dry Eye and Myopia. 

“New advances in glaucoma care are allowing us to diagnose the condition earlier and provide innovative treatments to arrest the progression of the disease,” Dr. Hall explains. “We offer screening tests for all patients, which can help us find those who are at risk as much as five to 10 years earlier than previously possible with a regular eye exam.”

She also shares that Dry Eye Disease continues to plague more and more patients as we all continue to increase our daily screen time.

“We’ve seen a rapid increase in patients with digital eye strain and fatigue, burning, itching, watery eyes and fluctuating vision,” she adds. “Thankfully, recent innovations have expanded our treatment options dramatically, and we are able to help more patients find relief from Dry Eye Disease, which is so important to their daily lives.”

With increased device use and more time spent indoors, childhood myopia (or nearsightedness) has also become an epidemic in the United States. The Hillcrest Vision team has adopted innovative ways to correct vision in these young patients and slow the overall progression of the disease. There are now contact lenses and eye drops that can slow the progression of nearsightedness in children as much as 59%. 

Both the Winston-Salem and Mocksville offices offer full-service care including exams, contact lens fittings, diabetic exams, advanced dry eye treatments, glaucoma treatment, emergency care and an expansive optical experience – and patients are grateful for their down-to-Earth care!

“Dr. Seth was very thorough and explained everything. The Mocksville office is lovely and very welcoming, and I am so glad that Hillcrest Vision has come to our town. You will love their caring and compassionate staff.” ~ J.M.

“Highly recommended on all levels – quality, service, professionalism and atmosphere. Dr. Hall truly changed my life. I have been dealing with keratoconus since my early 20s, and I have never been able to get my vision clear and crisp. My corneas were scarred and just not seeing well even with gas-permeable lenses. For the first time in more than 30 years, I can see clearly!” ~ P.S.

“Dr. Hall is by far the best optometrist I’ve ever seen. She does far more to maintain eye health than just giving a prescription for new glasses!” ~ K.

“Dr. Miriello spent time evaluating a recent concern I had with my eyes and contacts, and he gave me several things to try to improve my discomfort.” ~ E.B.

Hillcrest Vision is conveniently located at 2341 Winterhaven Lane in Winston-Salem, NC, 336.760.2020, and also at 198B Hospital Street in Mocksville, NC, 336.901.2020. Call their offices Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., or visit HillcrestVision.com to request an appointment, order contacts online and obtain Dry Eye products.


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