Brick & Brass Designs

Designing a space is not a simple task. It’s not just about the pieces you need to fill a room, but how they work together to make it look complete. Some people have an eye for this kind of work. At Brick & Brass Designs, their team can help you pull together the design of […]

Consumer Trends Continue 2020 Shift

With November, we’re nine months into a pandemic that continues to produce shifts in consumer attitudes. As our former routines are broken, new habits are already having a big impact on our lives. Their impact is only expected to grow. Let’s take a moment to look at a few consumer trends this year, and what’s […]

A Self-Confessed Chicken Lady!

Text: “I must be crazy.  We’re heading to Winston to buy two Polish hens.” Text: “Where did you find them?  Oh, please, send pictures!” Text: “Thanks for the suggestion!  I got 14 ISA browns from Tony.  They flew into the run and started eating with the others.  I have 35 now!” Text:  “Let’s see, we […]

It’s A Grand Life – A Month of Thanks and Giving

I love this time of year! I love the briskness of the air, the falling of the leaves blanketing the ground in their glorious colors (not so much the blowing or raking, however, but I digress), the smell of wood burning coming from people’s chimneys, and the meals that always seem reserved for this time […]

Pre-K Priority Thank You Letter

We want to thank everyone who has helped support Family Services as we continue to provide critical programs to families, children, and individuals in our community, many of whom have been directly affected by COVID-19. The pandemic has laid bare social and racial inequities in our community that existed long before the virus struck. These […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Thanksgiving Treats

Let the kids help whip up this delicious no-bake Pumpkin Spice Lush that’s yummy enough to make all fall season long. The cornucopias, also called “horns of plenty,” make a wonderful display for the Thanksgiving table that the kids will be proud of, and they will keep the kids busy while you prep the rest […]

What-If: Understanding Situational Awareness

Imbedded in our mindset is the worrisome mantra, “what if” that spans topics from safety and financial security to the health of loved ones, pets, and self.  Asking, “What can I do?” leads to a proactive decision to invest time in the ultimate insurance policy—valuable life skills comprising security, shelter, food, water, and medical care! […]

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