Net Impact Triad: Facilitate, Incubate, Accelerate New Local Nonprofit Connects Businesses and Community Members

When Alex Dummit, a local entrepreneur and native of Winston-Salem, decided to take a stand against the inequalities that plague her community, she had no idea that her initiative would blossom into a vibrant nonprofit in just one year.

“I grew up here. I love Winston, but too many people are alienated and denied basic resources. I wanted to empower people to take control over their own lives and communities,” explains Dummit.

This idea of community empowerment lies at the heart of Net Impact Triad (NIT), the nonprofit that Dummit created in 2019 to develop environmentally and economically sustainable initiatives for a more socially just and compassionate community. To achieve these goals, NIT is building a network of socially-responsible businesses, leaders, and nonprofits to collaborate on projects that lead to long-term change for the local community.

“As an entrepreneur and business executive, I have seen firsthand how businesses can spearhead local and global efforts towards a sustainable future,” Dummit says. “I wanted to create a space to support these initiatives in Winston.”

NIT has already started to engage with the local community through the “Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful” initiative. By adopting one stream at Sara Lee Soccer Complex Park and another near the Reynolds Park driving range, NIT is already promoting environmental improvement across the city.

Most recently, NIT expanded its sustainable efforts by launching “Connect the Dots” in July of 2020 to “connect” the diverse neighborhoods of Winston-Salem. At the center of this initiative is Sam “The Dot Man” McMillan’s historic home and art gallery, which Net Impact Triad will reinvent into a sustainable community center. By partnering with local organizations, The Dot Man’s colorful home will become an interactive learning center and sustainable community garden on NW Blvd., an underserved and often-forgotten area in Winston-Salem.

The Dot Man’s legacy is not a result of his colorful home, but rather his ability to spread hope throughout the city. In this vein, Connect the Dots will also expand beyond the community center by partnering with farm sponsors to build produce trailers that serve local food deserts. These produce trailers—which will resemble The Dot Man’s colorful home to remind everyone that we are all “connected”—will make weekly trips to the farmer’s market, thus providing employment and establishing a sustainable source of income. Once the trailers leave the market, they will take the remaining fresh produce to local food deserts. In this way, the produce trailers will become a recurring food source for those with limited access to healthy options. NIT has already secured one produce trailer, so you can look for it at local farmer’s markets this fall!

“Sam [McMillan] was not just a local celebrity—he was an emblem of hope for the entire city,” Dummit states. “He embodied the central tenets of Net Impact, so we knew that this project was the perfect way to continue his legacy.”

Are you interested in working with NIT? Whether you are a business looking to join our network of partners or a volunteer who wants to help us expand our community resources, we would love to connect with you! Please visit the Net Impact Triad website at or e-mail Alex Dummit at By joining our mission today, you will become instrumental in the future of both the Triad and the global fight against poverty and injustice.

“What sets Net Impact apart is the way that it harnesses the collaborative power of businesses and community members alike,” concludes Dummit. “We are a tight-knit and extremely passionate group of people who are committed to enacting real, effective change in the fight against racial and economic disparity, not just for tomorrow, but for many years to come.”

Net Impact Triad is a nonprofit in Winston-Salem, NC, that connects businesses with the local community to create collaborative, sustainable initiatives and spearhead the efforts toward a socially just future. To learn more about their initiatives and volunteer opportunities, please visit or contact Alex Dummit at


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