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Designing a space is not a simple task. It’s not just about the pieces you need to fill a room, but how they work together to make it look complete. Some people have an eye for this kind of work. At Brick & Brass Designs, their team can help you pull together the design of any space and add the details that give it that finishing touch.

Owner Alisha Snow has loved interior design since she was a little girl. Her sister, who is six years older, was in interior design school when she first became interested. She watched her sister do projects for school, and she began to mimic her work. Even though she found it so fascinating, she just never considered herself a creative person. That is, until she was trying to sell her first house, and she became slightly obsessed with staging it. Even though the house was in a very competitive market, it sold in less than 24 hours. She and her husband thought their next home would be forever, but she just loved designing the different spaces there, and in a year, she was ready to sell it and move on to a new project. It was then that she realized she had a calling for design.

Brick & Brass Designs developed naturally as Snow began to explore projects where her talents could be used. She started with helping sellers stage homes that were not selling quickly. It went so well that every home she worked on sold quickly after staging. Not long after the staging began, a friend of hers opened Blue Rose Studio Salons in Clemmons. One of the hair stylists asked her to help decorate her booth. Once it was done, other stylists began to ask if she would help them, too, and soon they were asking her to decorate their homes.

This company is a dream come true for Snow. She still can’t believe she gets paid to do something she feels so passionate about, and that combines her passions of working with people and design. She finds her greatest joy is helping people express their style and finding the pieces that bring it together. She also loves working with all budgets. “I enjoy doing as much of the work myself as possible. I’ve learned so much about changing light fixtures and plumbing fixtures and all sorts of things that keep me from having to contract the work out and saves my clients lots of money.”

There are several design services options, including virtual design consultation, in-person design consultation, complete interior design service, and seasonal decoration service. In addition to design, they also do new construction design, where they look at the space before it’s built to make sure it makes sense, and things are where they need to be. She also still does home staging. “We will work with what you have to make the best use of the space and create the best design possible.”

Brick & Brass Designs has grown so fast that Snow had to take on some team members to keep up with the additional clients. Kristen Salop and Ginny Whan are the co-designers on the team. Snow will be your lead designer on every project. She has the final say with the client on every detail, but she has enjoyed having additional designers. “It is so helpful to have another set of eyes on each project and someone to bounce ideas off. You always hope you have the best idea, but you think of things you may not have thought of before by collaborating. It just makes Brick & Brass Designs a better company.”

The work that Snow does speaks for itself. So much so that when a passerby saw her renovated 100-year-old home in East Bend, she hired Brick & Brass Designs on the spot. This client had stopped to admire the house and just happened to catch Snow, who was home at the time. Once Snow showed her around, she was convinced she needed Brick & Brass Designs to help her design spaces in her own home.

Client Jordan James raved about Brick & Brass Designs after they transformed her salon studio. “Alisha is the most personable, down-to-earth, lovely person to be around!  That, right off the bat, made me want to hire her! She worked WONDERS in my salon studio. She took literally nothing and made it amazing. She’s very careful to listen to your vision and budget concerns!  I got exactly what I wanted and more!  I cannot wait for her to work her magic at my house!!  Can’t recommend her enough.”

Nacole McCullough, another client, was extremely pleased with the above-and-beyond design and execution provided by Brick & Brass Designs. “Alisha is awesome!  I hired her to help me with my salon space. She met me at the studio, boxes and clutter everywhere, but Alisha could see beyond all of that and began sharing her vision of how we would layout and design my studio. She got my style right away and ran with it. She literally brought my vision to life, but made it 100 times better than I ever imagined. This girl has the ability to completely transform any size space—it’s honestly amazing. She goes out of her way, dedicating time to making sure it’s absolutely perfect!”

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Brick & Brass Designs, you can call them at 336-972-2985 or visit their website, You can also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to look at their designs and design ideas and inspiration.



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