Bountiful Benefits and Beauty of Adoption

Past the age of childbearing or unable to have children? Adoption may be the answer. Adopting a baby or child can be mutually beneficial. Not only are you giving your adoptee a much-needed home, but also a brand new life and hopeful future. The addition to your family requires long-term commitment and some other key elements, but is well worth it. As an adoptee, I can share some of my own personal story and provide a testimony of how beneficial adoption can be for everyone involved.


A proud Korean-American adoptee, I arrived at three months old via a long plane ride at an airport in Massachusetts, cradled in my new adoptive mother’s loving arms. Though I was born far across the seas in Mokpo, South Korea, I was raised by an American mother, who gave me everything she could. Even though I am not fluent in Korean, am more American than apple pie in some ways, and am just learning how to make kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage), I cherish my Korean roots. Though I often wonder about my Korean family that gave me up, I am grateful for and content with my American family and living in the States.

As a person of faith—a Christian believer—I credit God with guiding me to the right adoptive mother, family, and home. I truly believe He divinely orchestrated each and every connection, and that it is all meant to be. Though my adoptive family is small, I couldn’t ask for a more loving or supportive mother and grandmother. Though a part of my life—my Korean family—is missing, I have been made whole again. Like many adoptees, I will conduct a search for my birth parents and other family members. I may never find them, but I will continue to pray for my Korean family across the world and hope someday to visit the place of my birth, Mokpo, South Korea, and Seoul, where I stayed with a foster family for a short time.


Adopting the role of a parent involves learning and growth and responsibility. But, thankfully, it’s not all adulting! Enjoy plenty of playtime with your kid(s), as a kid-at-heart. The more you activate a kid-like imagination, the more you and your family will enjoy life together. Learning to play benefits your happiness and your health. So, let loose and play house, tag, and enjoy being a kid again!


In addition to adopting (a) new family member(s), adopt regular routines. Cultivate healthy habits and get rid of those that detract from your health + happiness, or that don’t make the most of your time. You are your child’s #1 role model and have an enormous influence on your child’s development and entire life. Your child is aware of your every word and every move. Be the best person you can be to help your child develop healthy habits.

Foster a healthy living environment. Take time to clear clutter, don’t let things pile up, and don’t leave the television on all day and night. Teach your family to tidy up around the house by having everyone pitch in and do house chores. Make a regular, fun event of it and use positive reinforcement. Reward cleaner-uppers with treats or goodies everyone can enjoy when they’ve completed their chores. And, who says you have to clean in silence? Whistle while you work, hum, or sing along with your fav songs!


The benefits of adoption far outweigh the cons, but before you sign those adoption papers and welcome in your new family member(s), make sure it’s right for you and do your research. And, whether you adopt a baby or older child, you are giving an adoptee an opportunity to begin a new life and become part of a family. Share your world and experience life together!



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