The Book Boyfriend

What makes you delve headfirst into the pages of a novel for five minutes or five hours?  Is it the storyline, the great chemistry between two lead characters, or the protagonist male with the attractive features that makes you say, “If only he were real!?”  He has most likely broken from the complexities of his life and is not quite at the status of a superhero; yet, he wakes every morning, caring for others, and despite his fierce nature, he has heart.  How many lead characters suit the description? Almost all!  Perhaps your fandom takes you beyond the text and screen to chatrooms, notifications from authors, lists to attend cosplay events, or travels to the character’s state or fictional universe!   Adventure and great lines are just a few reasons to claim a male character as a book boyfriend!

James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser

Say the name “James Fraser” to a room at large, and most likely, there will be several women who swoon!  The Outlander series, defined as a mix of historical fiction, romance, and science-fiction, comprises 25 books.  Fans are perhaps sated now for just a while by the 928-page, November 2021, publication of the ninth novel, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.  Unfortunately, it may be another decade before the next “big book,” as author Diana Gabaldon differentiates between novels and novelettes, appears. The story focuses on twentieth-century British nurse Claire Randall, who travels to the eighteenth century to find adventure and love with a dashing Scot.  Jamie’s cat-eyes and unabated promises of protection would make anyone wish to go through the stones or to Scotland!  Thank goodness, fans have the television mini-series this month before spending the remaining year as downhearted “Droughtlanders”!

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Dashing. Respectable. Contemplative. Desirable. Mysterious.  It’s no wonder Mr. Darcy remains the most adored romantic character spanning 209 years. He belongs among a list of the “100 Best Male Characters”—at the top, of course!  From a novel published in 1813, Jane Austen has provided millions of readers with a chance to believe a natural encounter could leave a mutual impression and develop into a love story.  The attraction of Mr. Darcy is dimensional.  He is snobbish, and, at times, a hopeless conversationalist; his heart’s desire, Elizabeth Bennett, is strong-willed, outspoken, and demands transparency and truth.  Their flaws create the fairytale and inspire readers to continue delving into the pages, or pressing “play,” to experience her Pride and Prejudice.

Walter Longmire

A pair of boots and a cowboy hat begin the attraction. Add a widower with a grown daughter, a man of truth, interested in solving a difficult case while he is acting  sheriff of Absaroka County, and a great protagonist is  born.  Fans of Walt Longmire sympathize with a man trying to overcome personal adversity through 27 novels  and novelettes by Craig Johnson.  They are also drawn to  a secondary character, the lovable Cheyenne and owner of the Pony Bar and Grill, Henry Standing Bear of the Dog Clan.  Together, they are similar to Batman and Robin, without capes and masks.  Readers not only love the novels and novelettes, but happily binge-watch six seasons, totaling 63 episodes, of the television series. So, what happens when our longing for Walter Longmire becomes unbearable?  Plane Tickets arrive by e-mail for  us to spend some time in the beautiful scenery of Wyoming! 

What attributes identify the appeal or the inclination to swoon upon hearing these names?  The long list of Book Boyfriends is not, by any means, limited to a Scottish Highlander, a sheriff cowboy, or a high-born gentleman of  Derbyshire, England.  Your list may also include a man of steel (Clark), a long-awaited king (Aragorn), a farm boy (Westley), or a widowed lawyer (Atticus).  This February, start sharing your favorite novels with family and friends.  Perhaps you will receive a new series full of adventure, unexpected first meetings, and a desire to add a few new names to your list of beloved books!  Fandom cannot be helped.  We are inundated by book and screen, forum sites and webchats, and cosplay events spread out worldwide!


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