What’s Popular for Prom 2022? The Dos and Don’ts of the Season

Over the last couple of years, the pandemic has put junior and senior proms in jeopardy; but the outlook for a top-notch 2022 prom season is looking promising. Feeling out of the loop when it comes to proper prom attire and activities, now that life is slowly creeping back to normal? Here are a few tips for following this year’s most popular prom season trends.

Dress the Part

Although it may seem like the days of poofy, princess dresses are long gone, don’t be surprised if you see popular ‘80s trends making a comeback in stores this 2022 prom season. Iconic puff sleeves are re-emerging as one of the year’s stand-out dress trends. Classic, elegant gowns in satin are still lining store racks, but many prom-goers are opting for off-the-shoulder gowns, mermaid silhouettes, and flowy maxi-dresses. Selections in periwinkle and orchid pink are abundant this year, along with stunning dresses in jade green and cobalt blue.

Not sure which corsage or boutonniere to purchase for your date? Don’t sweat the small stuff this prom season. As it turns out, many brides and grooms believe the trend of corsages and boutonnieres is in its final days when it comes to weddings. Why not skip the stress of shopping for florals and splurge on self-tanning, cosmetics, or hair care instead? Better yet, spend the extra cash you’ll save not purchasing an expensive arrangement of orchids and upgrade your pre-prom sirloin from a 6-ounce to a 10-ounce!

Dine in Style

Where can you find the perfect steak dinner or classy pre-prom meal to make sure you’re fueled up for a night of dancing? Ryan’s Restaurant in Winston-Salem is a go-to for special events any time of the year, and the view from inside the restaurant is certain to set the perfect mood for junior and senior prom. Be sure to make reservations ahead of time and arrive with an empty stomach—and don’t skip out on the sea bass.

Downtown Winston-Salem’s charming Italian eatery Quanto Basta makes another great setting for pasta-craving prom-goers. The low lighting and large windows pair nicely with elegant gowns and tuxedos, and it has the perfect menu for sharing Italian meats and cheeses with large groups of friends. If you’re craving French fare, reserve a table at The Katharine Brasserie & Bar next to the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel, perfect for a pre- or post-prom photoshoot to spice up your social media profiles. In fact, a photoshoot with friends around town is the perfect after-prom activity for those looking to skip out on the typical after-party. 

Time to Relax

Many students are opting for a milder after-prom experience and are choosing to turn in early and spend the rest of the evening with their closest friends. You and your closest ladies can host a post-prom spa night with fruity mocktails, fun finger-foods, and scented candles as a safe and stress-free way to decompress after a night on your feet. While getting ready for prom is half the fun, it can be just as enjoyable to wash off your makeup, slip into matching lounge sets, and post up on the couch with your best friends. As for the boys? Ditch the uncomfortable tuxedos and bowties, and bond around a bonfire while snacking on hot dogs and s’mores. Make the night complete by spending it outside in a tent under the stars.

If you do choose to attend a traditional prom after-party, remember to stay safe and sober to protect yourself and others. No poor decision on prom night is worth ruining a promising future. Always remember to call a trusted friend or family member for help if you’re in a sticky situation, and when in doubt, don’t go out.



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