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Forsyth Magazines writer since 2012. Lisa is originally from Maryland and, after living in New York, Colorado and Texas, she’s proud to finally call North Carolina home. Lisa shares a home with her husband of 10 years, Kevin. Together, they have daughter, Sayre and their angel-son, Finn who lived two years. Their family also includes two dogs. Lisa has a degree in education and, as such, writes many educational articles for the magazines. Lisa enjoys traveling, is an avid reader and has done extensive work on her family’s genealogy. She is a state certified beekeeper since 2018 and a certified master gardener since 2019. When it comes to writing for Forsyth Magazines, Lisa said, “I love writing spring themes in winter, back to school articles in the heat of summer, and, best of all, starting to anticipate the Christmas season in October.”

Honoring a Griever’s Requests

Grief. The word holds a heavy weight at a time of joyous festivity and lights.  Family and friends often cannot understand the need to skip the tradition of gathering at

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What-If Presents: Buying Ideal Land

“What-if”—the worrisome words arrive in the conscious spinning topics in our mind, from safety and financial security to loved ones and pet health.  Asking, “What can I do?” leads to

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Technological Gifts to Wow Grandparents

Today’s elders are living a stereotype.  Millions of sophisticated Internet users over the age of 75 effectively use social media platforms and e-commerce sites.  Thankfully, some technological gadgets are designed

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Countdown to a Food-Safe Thanksgiving

Beyond the chilled breezes and the remnants of fall colors cascading down, November transitions into a month of reflection for family and friends—along with comfort food.  Conversations occur through texting

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Courting Teas Every Month of the Year

Like you, I, too, have a relationship with herbal infusions that cycles through the seasons of peppermint, dandelion, hibiscus, and cinnamon-spiced teas.  Instinctually, the scoop containing the loose flow of

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