Sambucus Nigra: Oh, How I Love Thee

The Hippocratic Oath remains a promise of safe healing from a man whom legend defines as the demi-god of medicine, the son of Apollo himself, the god of healing and […]

Eat the Flower, It’s Good for You

The mindset believes that nourishing foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, greens, and animal proteins.   Flowers, on the other hand, are exquisite extensions of plants, fortifying the pollinating community of […]

A Mom’s Advice on the Rocky Road of Puberty

“I want to wear a bra.  All the other girls are wearing one.”  I stared into my daughter’s eyes, which reflected excitement to leave childhood behind.  As we shopped for […]

The Rosey Side of Rosemary

“There’s rosemary; that’s for remembrance.  Pray you, love, remember.” ~ William Shakespeare “Dew of the Sea” Rosmarinus, known as rosemary, is a fragrant sprig connected to remembrance, love, and fidelity.  […]

Plans, Schedules, and Effective Habits

Summer provides time for growth, rejuvenation, and reinvention. The month of August should reveal a transformed student ready for the new school year.  It leads to anticipation with unlimited potential.  […]

The Types of Honey

Liquid gold is collected by thousands of honeybees, flying to a food or water source and returning to their colony.  Upon landing at the entrance, forager bees greet the excited […]

Welcome Middle School Students

Transition opens doors to new friendships, higher-level learning, extracurricular opportunities and a much larger school. While sixth graders feel weak-kneed in worrying about the unknown, middle school comes with greater […]

Seven Depression Era Foods

Grandparents, history books, and documentaries tell the story of the decade-long Great Depression era.  A time of bare grocery store shelving, sparse ingredients, and cooking to achieve survival-based nutrition.  Americans […]