Thank You, Fashion Gods, or Perhaps Not!

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”  ~ Lauren Hutton

Did you ever think skinny jeans and stirrup pants would return to the fashion scene after 30 years?  Inevitably, the classic and vintage styles were bound to cycle around.  If you, too, feel a sense of déjà vu, reminiscing about your days as a teen or college student, you can thank the fashion gods either with a delighted smile or grimace.  Peer into the crystal ball to glean what is in vogue! You will discover the return of perms for boys, alongside the mullet.  And, rope belts, feathered and crocheted, and oversized purses!

Are you ready for more? 

Queen Elizabeth I, the Ruff

Layers upon layers of fabric worn about the neck, termed the “ruff,” is a new popular item appearing on dress clothing.  Shoppers will notice the appearance of ruffles on sleeves and accentuating the open neckline.  If by chance, your closet has, shoved into the deep recesses of your 1980s apparel, tiered or layered bridesmaid dresses, bring them out!

Leggings Originated with the Scottish Military

In the 14th century, kilted soldiers used a protected layer that resembled today’s leggings.  Predominately an undergarment designed for men, leggings transitioned as fitness clothing for women in the 1960s.  Valued as a necessity for any outfit, designers endeavored to improve the comfortable, stretchy material.  As black continues to be a never-fail base color, you’re likely to find its presence in the release of this year’s palette, mixed  with  tangerine, flame scarlet, Biscay green and chive, saffron, and coral pink.

Dance Once Again to the Charleston!

Tossed aside are cowboy-themed clothing, such as the Western shirt.  In its place is a diverse article termed “fringe,” once worn by Native Americans to allow their garment to shed rain quickly.  Envision the 1920s flapper dress!  You’ll discover fringe will accessorize unlikely clothing options beyond dresses and faded denim jackets. 

The Time Warp

The season of neutral cold or warm solid colors transitions to bold prints and patterns.  Just imagine a floral orange button-down shirt reminiscent of the 1950s, a dress featuring psychedelic and geometric designs of the 1960s.  What memories will flood your mind as you consider trying on a blast from the past?  

Saturday Night Fever

One eye-popping attribute that can hardly go without notice is the disco collar.  Worn today with a contrasting color, such as black on white, this ensures the noticeability of the fashion!  

“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!”

George Michael made several fashion statements through one music video airing in 1984. Fast-forward 36 years later, and designers bring back “tennis ball yellow” and “highlighter green” through hot pants and neon-colored leather.

Classic Denim Jeans

From shirts to dresses, tennis shoes to jeans, denim is in your life somehow.  A breakthrough is finally here!  Whether your favorite pair possess holes or cuffs, zippers, or pleats, the style continues through your comfort and preference.   Go ahead and wear bell-bottoms today and boot-cut tomorrow!

The Leisure Suit

The workplace may find more men and women donning professional clothing in the form of pleated skirts or knee-length shorts with a vest underneath a blazer.  Yes, the three-piece suit is back, in pinstripes, plaids, and other geometric patterns, tied with a rope belt.

Environmental Consciousness in Textiles

Natural fibers come from plants, such as cotton, hemp, and linen.  To integrate environmental concerns within the fashion industry, shoppers will add to the list another natural, sustainable fiber constructed from African palm leaves, termed “Raffia.”  The intricate and breathtaking designs are eye-catching and unique! 


You could tuck away your oversized sweaters and retro sneakers, but, why?  Personal style reveals something about ourselves.  Dressy or casual, bright or dark in color, you present your feelings, mood, and interests every day through textiles!  Today’s fashions may influence your choices and open the door to new materials and memories.  2020 is bound to be the year you can combine five eras in one outfit!  Amazing!


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