Artistic Hobbies

It’s high time the crafty side of you came out!  Do you recall a time when you painted in watercolor or drew pictures for hours?  Starting today, make a promise to revisit hobbies you once loved or never knew you exhibited a talent for!


Add a dash of ingenuity to a handful of problem-solving abilities to arrive at new recipes or designs.  Think about how therapeutic it would be to knead bread and create a loaf, pretzel, or special pastry from its ingredients. Baking presents numerous difficulties for you to solve, such as substituting ingredients to promote a new flavor, or inconvenient conditions.   Start with making a loaf of bread.  Ask family members for online recipes! You most likely have the equipment needed to get started.


As a visual art, you can feel empowered by the execution of beautiful symbols and letters by hand.  In using a broad-tipped instrument or brush, you’ll save money while potentially gaining a new business in designing specialized envelopes, or invitations, banners, or developing a unique signature.  This art is not expensive! Along with a pen, you’ll need ink, nibs (pen points), which hold the ink, and smooth, non-fibrous paper.   Starter kits, including plenty of practice sheets, are sold online or found in hobby stores.

Floral Arrangements

The role of flowers and plants is a natural part of every ceremony and special event.  From gardens to houseplants, we cultivate specific colors, plants, and smells that boost our levels of happiness.  Think of the enjoyment in working with, and preserving, freshly cut flowers or silks.  Through research or a book, you can learn the significance of a flower’s meaning, color, and its association with a variety of events.  While classes are available, try starting with an online tutorial, or reading various books. Contact your local library to reserve a few titles today!


Why not?  It’s one fascinating activity that boosts brain development and affects the neural connections related to concentration and memory, movement, and vision.  A bit of patience goes a long way.  Kits of balls and hoops along with a booklet are available for purchase online or at book and toy stores.  Keep up the practice.  It just takes timing, coordination, and numerous attempts to successfully pick up the knack of manipulating objects. Buy a kit for a child or teen, favorite uncle, or grandmother.  He or she can join you to become a juggling duo!

Play an Instrument

Music provides the freedom to express your emotions, creativity, and speech. The first question is, what to play?  Think about the sound of a piano versus that of a stringed instrument, or the comfort of using drum sticks or air. The outcome of learning yields numerous benefits, such as improving posture, better listening habits, concentration, reducing stress levels, and can be a factor in managing time.  One of the surprising effects is it can slow the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia, while helping stroke victims recover their brain function.   Contact a music shop to purchase a used instrument.  Since most music lovers take special care of their equipment, you may want to include a case.


Through the lens of a camera, you can capture an image of specific value to you or others that highlights an emotion, a perspective, or natural beauty.  Photography records special events, people and places, and helps us to journal our activities.   Most people haven’t owned or used their digital cameras in years.  Take it out of the case and begin to discover the possibilities of creative expression and expertise.  Fortunately, we now live in the age of transferring photos, rather than sustaining the cost of developing!


A hobby for the entire family to enjoy! In creating your own soaps, you can control the ingredients, especially the fragrance, to put in moisturizers, antibacterial properties, and soothing dry skin.  In leaning through online tutorials or books, you can experiment in making various sizes, until proficient enough to create customized recipes.  Base materials, oils, fragrances, molds, and equipment are readily available online or in hobby stores.


Once upon a time, latch-hoop and embroidery was the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day.  Quilting can become one additional means to explore your creativity in an eye-catching design!  Join a quilting circle in your neighborhood or church.  You’ll learn a lot through the teachings of new friends!

This exercise is all about re-visiting the things you love, and remembering that life can include a reason to play.


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