Tami’s Devotion: GROWING ROOM

When my kids were little, I used to buy their shoes ½ size too big. I knew their feet were going to grow, so I bought their shoes a little big, in order for them to last longer. Once you are an adult, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, outside of some weird things that may happen during pregnancy, our feet pretty much stay the same size.

Even though, physically, we may stop growing, spiritually we should be in a constant state of growth. I promise you, we’ll never get so far in our walk with Christ that we have nowhere left to go. We’re never going to “figure it all out.” We will continue to peel off layer after layer of revelation until God finally brings us home. Even then, I think we still will have room to grow!

In the late Rev. Billy Graham’s book, Nearing Home, he revealed that as his health began to decline and he was not able to leave home and attend church on a regular basis, he found a televised church service that ministered to his heart. Eventually, he called the minister of that church and invited him to his home. That one visit with Dr. Don Wilton from First Baptist Church in Spartanburg turned into a weekly meeting. According to Rev. Graham, they would have lunch together and discuss everything from family to world events. But, he said, the most meaningful part of their visits was when they looked into the Scriptures together and spent time in prayer.

I was so humbled reading this. This is a man who delivered the message of the Gospel face-to-face to more people than anyone else in history, yet he was still in relentless pursuit of God!  Well into his 90s, Billy Graham was still buying his “spiritual shoes” a little too big, realizing that there was still room to grow.


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