Minute For Your Minister: April Fool’s

Since the 1500s, April First has been celebrated as April Fool’s Day when jokes, pranks and hoaxes are played on the unsuspecting. Victims who fall for them are called April Fools.

But the truth is, the first day of April belongs to God. April first is especially important this year because April First is Easter Sunday. Through Jesus Christ, men who were once fools and sinners were redeemed by the shedding of his blood on this day more than two thousand years ago.

God gathers those who are thought of as fools in the world’s eyes and He makes them wise. Those who stand boldly for Christ are targets for derision, especially your pastor, because he is on the front line of fighting the foolishness of this world. Pray today for co-workers for your pastor as he takes on such an important and challenging task.


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