What Small Towns Have to Offer


It’s five pm, you’ve just arrived home from a stressful day at work, you go to make a cup of your favorite herbal tea to sip on as you watch the birds chirp on your front patio. Taking advantage of the tranquility of nature before the chummy conversations begin, as your friendly neighbors stroll by on their evening walks. However, this opportunity for serenity and relaxation doesn’t come often with the hustle and bustle of downtown living. Continue reading to discover the joys, benefits, and hidden secrets of living in a small town versus downtown.

With a more close-knit community and family-oriented surroundings, small-town living provides the ideal conditions for raising a family. Typically, you will find more family-friendly activities and restaurants that won’t break the bank. In smaller towns with less crime, families can feel safer letting their children play outside when the weather is beautiful. Similarly, couples can feel more relaxed about leaving their bikes chained outside a local coffee shop as they dive in for their morning cup of joe. You will most likely run into a few familiar faces as you purchase your decaf coffee, since most small towns offer the opportunity to cultivate long-lasting friendships. If you don’t know many friendly faces just yet, small towns offer even better chances to get involved in the community. With fewer residents, you most likely won’t be turned away when offering to lend a hand to create a positive impact on the community. A perfect opportunity to establish new relationships and better know your neighbors.

As mentioned earlier, small towns offer ideal conditions to help you stick with your budget. With fewer iconic brick-and-mortar brands around every corner, you won’t be as tempted to spend your hard-earned money. However, small towns will typically hold craft fairs to exhibit the handiwork of their local artisans. With small-town appreciation comes more support and less competition. Eating, drinking, and buying local not only keeps the local economy strong, but it also supports your neighbors. As the saying goes, “small businesses are the heartbeat of your neighborhood and the spirit of the town.” While there may be fewer activities and events held each night, it gives you more freedom to master a new skill or venture into a new hobby.

Values are more deeply-rooted in small towns. Especially living in the South, residents may expect their neighbors to be warm and polite. You may even find the older generation nurturing young adults with wisdom as they nourish them with home-cooked meals.

What are the hidden secrets of small-town living? With a close-knit community come the chances for quirky traditions to reunite with one another. For example, last year the charming town of Clemmons held a Monsters Dash and Goblin Hop at Morgan Elementary School to provide a safe and fun time for children to enjoy Halloween. The Clemmons Lip Sync Battle was another outstanding event that collected heaps of donations for local foster families. A small town’s weekly newspaper often provides the details of upcoming events that you and your family may plan on attending this year. Living in a small town doesn’t mean missing out on life, it can almost be quite the opposite. Small towns offer an abundance of freedom, opportunity, and growth.

If you live in a small town already, then try switching things up this Saturday morning. Take a short drive to your local diner to order a scrumptious stack of pancakes, laugh with your family, and maybe run into a few friends along the way. If you don’t already live in a small town, then what are you waiting for?


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