Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for All Ages

Every gift-giver feels a moment of pride when the words, “I love it!” are said with enthusiasm and laughter.  The task of finding the ideal, thoughtful gift for that someone special requires inspiration.  If you receive a nudge in the right direction to celebrate a great kid, teen, adult, or grandparent, then perhaps you’ll have an ah-ha moment and say, “Yes, that’s it!”

Tickets:  Not all presents require a physical item.  One of the best gifts is sharing time, whether it is for a few hours or a full day. Consider purchasing tickets to an event such as a theatrical presentation, an amusement park, a sporting event, or traveling on a train.  The gift of tickets leads to a memorable experience and adventure!

Offer Lessons or Take a Class:  There’s no time like the present to teach a skill to another person.  If you have a passion for knitting, quilting, flower arranging, cake decorating, or watercolor painting, why not give the gift of private lessons. If, by chance, you want to learn a new hobby, resolve the problem by reserving two seats in a local class.

Jump or Climb:  A gift is unattainable for the kid or adult who loves high-flying adventure; therefore, offer a fast-moving experience by booking a reservation at a trampoline park, tree-top obstacle or zipline course.  Most businesses provide a group discount to small parties; therefore, determine numbers before you call.

Letters Recounting Friendship: Whether the birthday celebration is for an individual turning 10, 40, or 92, a sentimental gift can be a written record of life. This gift takes time; therefore, plan well in advance.  Invite immediate family members and distant relatives, friends of the family, neighbors, church members, and best friends to participate in writing a card. Encourage toddlers to draw a picture for the special occasion.  Make sure you include a deadline for receiving letters and remind everyone to keep the secret!

Soap or Candle Making:  Personal satisfaction comes in making a practical, yet creative item. Soap and candle-making kits explicitly intended for beginners allow first-timers to create bars of soap or candles.   Most introductory packages include the necessary equipment and molds, and tools to learn the multi-step art of soap-making.   Consider adding a book for beginners, which will offer step-by-step instructions and tips.

A Retro Turntable:  The old vinyl albums tucked away in a cabinet could thrill a child or teen who loves music.  Don’t fret about finding a record player.  They are sold online and in stores. It may be surprising, but many kids would thoroughly enjoy a retro gift, particularly if it belonged in your collection.

A Homemade Reading Pillow:  Avid readers love the comfy-cozy pillow while investing time in pages and chapters.  Delight the book-lover by sewing a durable pocket to include two to three books, several handmade personalized book-marks, and a book-light.  An oversized pillow will make a unique addition to a bedroom.  Add a handle to the top, and it could accompany a child on car trips.

Make Your Own Gift Basket:   When you don’t know what to give, sometimes the gift is already a passion.  A basket of bulk teas, a jar of raw honey, a warm blanket, and an herb book would make someone quite happy.  How about creating a breakfast, the perfect bath, or a date-night basket?  The options are boundless!

Presents speak silent words of love and kindness.  Gift wrap and ribbon feel symbolic, and impart a feeling of happiness prior to the act of unwrapping.  Without saying a word, the receiver will accept the box and offer a response of appreciation through smiles.  While gifts are not necessary, the act sends a clear message to honor years of life and friendship.  Choosing a gift each year is not an easy task; however, there are one-of-a-kind gifts that can inspire new hobbies and learning, thrills, and the possibilities of adventure!

Happy Birthday!  Celebrate big!


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