Prom 101

When I think back to my prom, I remember having a night with my friends and celebrating the end of another school year. I remember the morning jitters and the excitement of getting ready. As I know so many of you are preparing for your own high school prom, how about a little bit of Prom 101, to understand the basics of what to expect, what you should keep in mind and maybe what to avoid!

Dress for Success

With so much emphasis on attire, shopping for dresses, tuxedos and all the accessories can quickly become overwhelming. Keep the following thoughts in mind when delving into prom- wardrobe shopping:

  1. Research what is trending. Whether you consider yourself to be a trendsetter or not, looking at what is “in style” will help you have a better understanding of what to expect when it comes time to shop.
  2. Understand your personal style. How do you want to look? Trendy? Classic? Edgy? Take a look at your everyday wardrobe and identify what you gravitate towards. It is important to stay true to yourself, while remembering, now is the time to pull out the most glamorous you.
  3. Keep it school-appropriate. Be sure to keep in mind that prom is a school-funded event; therefore, you should dress respectfully. Your school may have certain rules and guidelines that you need to adhere to. Dresses with illusion necklines or cutouts can give you the appeal of those features without too much exposure.

Elevate your look

Prom may be only a one-night affair, but don’t forget about deciding your beauty regime for the day. From hair to makeup to skincare, prepping for the affair is key.

  1. Keep all other elements in mind when choosing your hairstyle. Are you going for a romantic look? Or something edgy? Your dress and accessories may influence how you choose your beauty details. A flowing and ethereal dress works well with long wispy locks, while a backless dress may require an up-do. Taking a picture of your dress with you to the salon can help you, and your hairstylist, decide what ‘do’ looks best.
  2. Keep to color tones that complement your skin tone. Light, rosy shades are ideal for fair skin tones, while those with olive or darker skin tones can play with deeper pigments of berries and oranges. Have fun with color while not mimicking 1980 makeup trends.
  3. Don’t forget to follow salon etiquette. Tipping your hairstylist 20% of the overall cost of the service you received is standard practice.

Let’s not forget about the fellows, too.

There’s things to keep in mind, guys!

  1. Your attire is just as important as the ladies’. Attire should be formal (i.e., a tuxedo). Give yourself 2–4 weeks to visit a men’s formal attire store and make the reservation. Choose a tuxedo fit that compliments you while choosing colors that complement your date’s attire.
  2. Avoid the floral faux pas. Corsages are the classic prom tradition. Contact a local florist and select a flower and color that complements your date’s attire best. Pinned corsages should be placed on the left shoulder, while wrist corsages can be worn on either arm. Don’t show up empty-handed!

Have a lot of fun and little stress

Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to have fun! Dance your heart out and enjoy a night out on the town with your closest friend.

  1. Prom doesn’t have to be about romance. In fact, most of your classmates couldn’t care less about the romance. Ditch a date if you would rather go with friends or take one of your friends who just happens to be of a difference sex.
  2. Dance, dance. Everyone wants to enjoy the night as much as you do, so no need to avoid the dance floor when your favorite song comes on.
  3. Don’t do drama. As Taylor Swift says, “shake it off.” Ignore your “ex-,”
  4. who happened to have brought someone else. Walk in confidence and enjoy your one deserved night of absolutely no cares.
  5. Put down your phone. While photos may be your memento for the night, your parents will get enough of you beforehand to look at down the road. Get a few photos with your friends to keep for yourself. Don’t live your night through the camera lens!

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