The Advantages of Catering Your Next Event

Everyone loves a professionally catered party (especially the hosts), and for good reason. There are many benefits to working with a professional catering service for your upcoming party. Time Saver […]

Modern Day Party Etiquette

BY SANDY HARPER   Gone seem the days where people sent thank-you cards and personally invited guests to their party. Modern-day technologies have made things easier, faster and simpler. Yet, […]

Party Themes for All Ages

BY ANDREA EVERHART With a family of five, we spend a considerable amount of time planning birthday parties. Since coming up with a theme can be hard, we keep a […]

Prom 101

When I think back to my prom, I remember having a night with my friends and celebrating the end of another school year. I remember the morning jitters and the […]

Both Hands Hand-in-hand for Love

There’s no better way to launch a New Year than with a story of love and compassion, times two. One Clemmons family discovered that a double dose of giving could […]

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