Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe/Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation: A Dream Home for the New Year

Known for impeccable personal service and her excellent work as a Senior Mortgage Planner with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe knows the life-changing importance of two tiny words: yes and no.

“I want my clients to succeed,” says Ashley. “‘No’ is not a pleasant word to hear, but sometimes finding out WHY the answer is no, and taking steps to turn that no into a yes can really change your life.”

The word “YES” has had a profound impact on Ashley’s own life and career in the mortgage industry, as she’s found its hidden meanings to be a steadfast mantra for her professional philosophy.

“I’ve been originating mortgages since 2005,” she explains. “My favorite word is still ‘YES.’ It sounds so simple, but it has proven to be a winner for me year after year.”

Here’s the inspiring formula Ashely lives and works by:

Y = Yearn.  Yearn to know more, give more, and grow more each day. Whether it’s new technology, new loan products, or you’re the new real estate company in town—get out there! Train, meet your challenges head-on, and welcome all things new.

E = Encourage. Encourage your clients, your team, and your business partners. “I’ve grown my business from $8 million in 2005 with no team to almost $90 million in 2016, with a team,” explains Ashley. “I also encourage local real estate agents to use our marketing team to help them succeed. Co-branding in today’s market is an essential element of success.”

S = Stick.  Stick like glue! To quote Scott Adams, author of How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: “You just need to keep your hand raised until it’s your turn! Ashley is a firm believer that having systems in place which force you to keep in constant contact with your business prospects is crucial. Try “YES” for yourself, and see what happens!

Since teaming up with Fairway in 2012, Ashley has been included in Mortgage Executive Magazine’s Top 200 Loan Originators in the country, and she is also a Senior Mortgage Planner for Members Credit Union branches throughout the state.

Ashley and her team are well known for the most timely, efficient service, keeping the often tedious mortgage process as simple as possible by offering in-person, phone, or online application options. They strive to present loan choices that meet both their clients’ personal and financial goals, while assisting each client in making the most informed decisions that will lead them to the home of their dreams.

With an exciting 2018 upon us, Ashley’s positive attitude and boundless energy are contagious.

“I think everyone should include their ‘nest’ when thinking about New Year’s resolutions,” she says. “Ask yourself some hard questions: Are you paying more in rent than you could be paying with a mortgage? Have you researched ways to buy a home without a down payment? Do you need help working to improve your credit? These are all important questions which can enhance your overall financial health in the coming year!”

You can reach Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe (NMLS 100776), Senior Mortgage Planner for Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, at 336-748-4599 (office) or 336-575-9448 (cell), or online at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is located in the Members Credit Union at 2098 Frontis Plaza Blvd. in Winston-Salem, NC.


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