Placing Your Thumb Print on Father’s Day!

Shopping is not always the answer to provide dear ol’ Dad with a gift for Father’s Day.  Sentiment comes from the heart, and it is defined with either genuinely thoughtful and meticulously chosen words, or a creative gift that Dad would find pleasing. Children want to be included in that special moment.  Eyes are met, an item is given, and appreciation is felt between the giver and the recipient.  The question is, “What can I give Dad that is both special and important?”

Creating a Special Day

What kind of guy is Dad?  It is good to think about his routine and preferences.  Does he enjoy a seated breakfast on Sunday morning, or would he rather engage in an activity such as going to the lake and fishing, or taking a long bike ride or hike? The answers may help you to plan not just a morning celebration, but perhaps include a special outing in the afternoon.

Homemade Cards

If it is too easy to buy a card and have a child sign it using good penmanship, why not encourage your children to design their own instead? How about a banner where all the children can create a collage of memories, or creating a special pop-up card? Children who enjoy using their imaginations may want to write and illustrate a special memory.  Processing select pictures may help to create a book of the year’s memories, or special times.  Not all gifts must be packaged in a frame or box.  A gift folded up like a scroll and tied with ribbon will also be greatly appreciated.  Dad will love a gift, no matter what is decided on, with no additional cost other than love and time!


If your family is on the go most Sunday mornings, think ahead and have children prepare the batter to make muffins or biscuits on Saturday.  With available time, children can receive help to follow a recipe for scones containing ham or bacon and cheese.  Many options can extend from there, such as making a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, or muffins to complement cereal, or a plate of sausage and eggs.

In celebration of the day, children can prepare special Father’s Day placemats for each member of the family, or create a centerpiece arrangement from letters spelling out “Dad” or “Father’s Day,” or including a variety of pictures.

Afternoon Experience

Being together and making memories is one of the key parts to a celebrated day.  Plan an activity around one of Dad’s favorite hobbies, such as grilling, fishing, boating, biking, or hiking.  While many parks are in the area, a National park such as Hanging Rock can provide diverse activities, such as rock climbing, swimming, fishing and boating; scenery and beautiful waterfalls; and walks along easy to advanced trails.  It may not be often you have the opportunity to enjoy a day in nature when the weather is ideal.  Pack a lunch, plenty of water, and clothes, in case spontaneity takes hold of the moment.  If Dad seeks high adventure, why not schedule a day in the trees!  A zipline or obstacle course could be a long-remembered day of thrills and togetherness.  (Check age restrictions, so all members in the family can participate.)

Sunday, June 17th

Father’s Day is a traditional day to show appreciation and spend time together.  Defining the day may take creative thought and planning.  Whether you decide to venture far or close to home, the day can be as great as the man whom you are celebrating!  A grand Father’s Day to you, dads!


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