From the Heart: June 2018

Happy Father’s Day to all our unsung heroes out there!  You are our rock and our roll, what would we do without you? Seriously we love you guys and you definitely make our lives richer.  My dad taught me many life lessons and I have fond memories of watching him work on our family car or […]

Endless Possibilities Found in the Humble Mason Jar

Since 1858, Mason jars have been a staple in American kitchens. Originally designed for canning, ingenuity now gives the humble Mason jar a variety of functions and creative purposes. In the Kitchen: For those who grow and dry their own herbs, Mason jars are the perfect way to store them for long-term freshness. Paint the […]

Speak Up, Speak Out: Save a Life Too Many Have Been Lost

It seems every day on the news we see there’s been another death from a drug overdose. It is estimated that in North Carolina more than 1,100 people die from unintentional drug overdoses every year. Nationwide, overdose deaths have exceeded car accidents as the principal cause of accidental fatalities. Fortunately for most of us, these […]

Davie Pride HFL Football Offers Inspiring, Christian Youth League

Davie County has been offering a unique opportunity for middle and high school students since 2016. It’s to be a part of the “Davie Pride” Varsity and Junior-Varsity football teams, a member of the HFL. They welcome students in public schools, charter schools, private schools, and homeschools in Davie, Forsyth, Yadkin, Iredell, Rowan, and Davidson […]

Growing at the Crossnore School & Children’s Home

There’s something about the Crossnore School & Children’s Home campus.  It feels serene.  Even idyllic. But the hard work taking place behind the scenes belies the feeling of tranquility one feels when visiting this historic campus and urban farm. In the summer of 2016, a major change began taking shape, first with the affiliation of Winston-Salem’s […]

Life Lessons from My Dad

With Father’s Day being celebrated this month, I thought, what a better time to sit down and reflect on what my Dad has taught me through the years. First of all, let me introduce you to my Dad. My Dad is a business- man through and through—what some people call intimidating and pretty quiet, until […]

Teammates for Life Brings Attention to a Serious Teen Problem

When former Boston Red Sox Pitcher, John Trautwein, stepped onto the stage at LJVM Coliseum on Monday night, April 16th, before an audience predominately made up of students, parents, athletes, teachers, coaches, and more, it wasn’t to speak about baseball, at least not entirely. Instead, John had a very special message he wanted to deliver […]

Bruno Mars and Other Toe-Tapping Favorites: Why Music Influences Our Mood

Have you ever started running to a song and found the steps matched the rhythm?  As the music changed, your body began to mimic the new cadence, whether it was an increase or decrease of speed.  Imagine the pendulums of two clocks on opposite ends of a room, swinging at different rates.  After a period […]

What are we passionate about at Family Services?

At Family Services, we are passionate about ensuring that every child and family in Forsyth County is safe, secure and able to reach his or her full potential — especially our youngest children and their parents who are stranded on the far side of opportunities that could help them escape the generational cycle of living […]

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