Life Lessons from My Dad

With Father’s Day being celebrated this month, I thought, what a better time to sit down and reflect on what my Dad has taught me through the years. First of all, let me introduce you to my Dad. My Dad is a business- man through and through—what some people call intimidating and pretty quiet, until you get to know him. He’s tough at work but the sweetest and most supportive dad ever.

I grew up following my Dad around and loved running errands with him on the weekends to Home Depot, Lowes or the local pro shop. I also loved walking around our neighborhood with him and our dogs. Some of my favorite memories are those walks and errands we ran because of the lessons he taught me during those steps on the pavement or the 30-minute drive “into town” to pick up pine needles. What he did not know, until now, is that I was soaking up all the advice and wisdom he would give me. I’d ask him a million questions and he would answer carefully and thoughtfully. Here are just a few of the lessons he taught me:

  1. Take care of yourself.My Dad taught me to importance of taking care of yourself first and foremost, especially in your career. He told me not to trust someone right off the bat, but to always verify what people say. I’ve learned the hard way that you cannot trust everyone! If only I had listened to my Dad tell me that the first time. He also helped teach me the importance of taking care of yourself in terms of physical fitness. He works out several times a week and has done so his whole life. My love of fitness stems from him!
  2. You don’t have to be the smartest in the room, you have to be the hardest working. My Dad has always been one of the hardest workers I know. He gets to work early and stays late. He goes the extra mile to get something done. Put in the effort and time and it will pay off. I’ve always gotten good grades and had great jobs and I know it’s not because of “smarts;” instead I’ve succeeded because I work hard and try to follow the path my Dad taught me.
  3. Family always comes first.Even though my Dad is known as being tough and business-like in his profession, he truly wears his heart on his sleeve with his family. No matter what, he makes sure his girls (my Mom, sister and myself) always feel loved. In my middle school years when I was a sassy teenager taking it out on my Mom, he took me aside and informed me family is your best friend and no one loves you more than your family. He’s loyal and such a strong family guy, and taught me to look for that in my husband.

My Dad is an amazing man with such a strong character and all I’ve ever really wanted to do in life was to make him proud of me. Thankfully, I have done that and he’s told me that several times. Soon, he will become a grandfather to my baby boy (on his way now in my pregnant belly) and I cannot wait to see the life lessons he teaches little Everett.

Thankfully, God gave me two strong and loving parents who taught me countless life lessons and continue to teach me every day. The older you get, the more you realize how lucky you are to have your parents. Hug them, say thank you and tell them you love them!





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