Minute for Your Minister: Joyful Things/Stressful Things

Most of us think of spring as a joyful time when everything comes to life and brilliant colors abound.  However, it’s also a time when stress can creep in and spoil the day. While students are preparing for final exams and graduations, parents are trying to budget for summer vacations and make child care arrangements or plan activities for the months when the kids are home from school.

This can be a stressful time for pastors, too. It’s wedding season and many pastors find their calendars filling up quickly. Officiating weddings is a high-pressure job! Expectations are high and your pastor wants to do whatever he can to ensure that the weddings he performs go smoothly…there’s a lot on the line!

At a time when spring may be losing its bounce thanks to added stress, why not Be The Oneto encourage your pastor today by telling him how much you appreciate his service all year long?  He’ll thank you for it!


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