Children’s Devotion: Take a Break

Jesus said, “Come to me … and I will give you rest.”  ~Matthew 11:28

You’ve probably heard your Dad or Mom say, “Whew! What a day! I’m exhausted!” But it’s not only grownups who work hard and need a break. The Bible says that even kids get tired (see Isaiah 40:30)—but you knew that, didn’t you? Although this is summer vacation time, the day-to-day stuff of life can still wear you out.

What’s pretty cool is that you can relax right where you are, without taking a vacation. Sometimes relaxing is just doing something different, or doing something in a different way. Have you learned to play a new game or tried a “strange” new food? Have you ever changed the furniture around in your bedroom? (You should get an “okay” from Mom or Dad before trying this.) What about reading or drawing outside, instead of inside? See if you can come up with some other ideas.

In the verse at the top of this page, Jesus says to come to Him for rest. How could you do that? Read a Bible story? Talk to Him? Maybe it’s just remembering that He’s right beside you, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

The next verse says to “take up His yoke”and learn from him. Wait! More learning? I thought this was summer vacation! And what’s this yoke He wants us to carry? It sounds like work, doesn’t it? If you’ve ever seen two horses pulling a cart, the part that holds the horses together is called a yoke. The yoke helps them work together as a team. Jesus wants you to be joined to Him so that He can help you—yes, even during summer vacation. When you remember that Jesus is right beside you, it makes everything easier. You learn what God is like. You grow to be more like Him.

The end of verse 29 says, “…and you will find rest for your soul.”Ahhh, now that’s what we’re talking about—rest ! Taking a break! Summer, winter, spring, or fall, stay close to Jesus and you’ll be refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way.



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