JP & Associates: Take a Look at the 2020 Market Plus 20 Ways to Get Ready to Sell Your Home in 2020!

In the summer of 2019, veteran real estate agents Tim Gupton and Jenny Edwards partnered to bring JP & Associates Legacy Group to the Triad!  In less than six months, they’ve established their real estate firm as a reliable and knowledgeable team of experts in the area!  As a new year begins, it’s a good time to take a look at the 2020 Market.

“The real estate market is in great shape,” shared Tim.  “In 2019, the values of homes rose by 8.6%, and the current market forecast projects that home prices will continue to rise by over 5% in 2020.  These growth trends are very promising for sellers and give homeowners some additional security in their homes.”

Jenny agreed.  “While we can’t set these predictions in concrete,” she said, “what we can do is help sellers get the best offers on their homes, and we can help buyers get the best bang for their buck!  The average sale price of a Winston-Salem home was up 12.1% last year!  And sellers love this!  An in-demand house in the right neighborhood and priced appropriately averaged 22 days on the market in 2019!  That’s amazing!  It shows there is a demand for inventory, and so those who are nervous about putting their house on the market can breathe a little easier.  We project that trend to continue in 2020.”

“Jenny’s point is valid,” said Tim.  “Many of the homes that were sold in 2019 had multiple offers and waived contingencies.  While we’ve had some businesses leave the area in 2019, the local economy is still in growth.  We’re expecting a 1.6% economic growth in 2020, which brings about better employment opportunities.  And better employment opportunities lead to more stable housing.”

Tim and Jenny should know!  Collectively, they represent many years in real estate.  They’ve seen the ups and downs, but for now, the housing market is growing and on the rise.  It’s going to be a great year to be a homeowner!

JP & Associates Realty Legacy Group is located at 855 Bethesda Road in Winston-Salem. Call the office at 336.955.1230 or visit online at Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

20 Tips to Sell Your Home in 2020!

  1. Curb appeal is key! Take care of this by pressure washing, adding fresh greenery and flowers, re-staining or repainting as needed, and ensuring that the yard is tidy.
  2. Make your front porch inviting with a basket of flowers and a fun doormat. Make sure the porch lights sparkle.
  3. Deep clean your home before it goes on the market—from the cobwebs in the corners to the baseboards, to the light fixtures! (Contact Tim or Jenny for a recommendation if this task seems overwhelming!)
  4. Lock up or remove any firearms or other weapons; secure nice jewelry out of sight.
  5. Remove the clutter, especially in the closets and cabinets. Closets should be only two-thirds full, with nothing on the floor.
  6. Neutralize your style so that potential buyers can “see” themselves living in your home. Repaint the house with neutral colors, especially if you have a lot of bold and bright colors.
  7. Keep some homey touches, such as fresh flowers in vases and fresh produce arranged in a kitchen bowl.
  8. Stage the dining room with fresh linens and dinnerware.
  9. Steam the carpets and really polish up the wood floors. Make sure you get all the tile grout clean!
  10. Stage your furniture and remove pieces that are adding clutter to the space.
  11. Remove the personal effects and collections, especially personal pictures that tend to distract buyers
  12. Make use of stylish storage bins anywhere you need to declutter.
  13. If you have kids, make sure you have a way to put toys out of the way quickly, so no one trips over them during a viewing.
  14. That multipurpose room—give it some purpose. If it’s got a bed, a desk, and a treadmill, decide if you want it staged as a bedroom, office, or workout room.
  15. If you need to refresh the kitchen or bathroom quickly without a ton of money—consider swapping drawer and cabinet pulls for more stylish ones.
  16. Make sure the bathrooms are kept in pristine condition while your home is on the market!
  17. Show purpose and creative usage of odd nooks and crannies.
  18. Move the dog and cat out, if possible. Ask a friend to come over and ask for honest feedback—can they smell your pets?
  19. Stage the backyard; put yard tools away and give a sense of ambiance with table and chairs, a fire pit, and some pretty flowers.
  20. Contact one of the knowledgeable agents at JP & Associates Legacy Group to discuss.

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