It’s A Grand Life – Another Year Begins

There was a song in the Sound of Music titled “No Way to Stop It.” Part of the lyrics are: “While somersaulting at a cockeyed angle; We make a cockeyed circle ‘round the sun; And when we circle back to where we started from; Another year has run. And there’s no way to stop it; No, there’s no way to stop it; If the earth wants to roll around the sun.”

I don’t want to stop it, but I wouldn’t mind slowing it down a bit. When I was a child, it seemed like forever to get from one holiday to the next; to get from one school break to another; and even, at times, one weekend to the next. However, summer vacation—actually, all vacations—went by way too fast. Now, I find myself thinking about the mature (I refuse to use the word “old”) person’s lament, “Where did the year go?” 365 days was feeling more like 100, until I stopped and looked back at the year that has just passed.

Last January, we made our biennial family trip to Disney World. I admit I love going to the “Happiest Place on Earth.” It is one of the few times our three daughters, sons-in-law and seven grandchildren all get to be together for five days of pure enjoyment. As there are 15 of us, and the grandchildren all have different parks they want to be in at any given time, my husband and I are the rovers, spending time with each group. I love watching the grandchildren experience something that two years before they had shied away from. I love all of us having dinner and recalling everything we have seen, ridden, eaten, and bought. I am already looking forward to our 2021 trip! I will, however, be going several times before then, just as my husband and I have in the past—yes, we really do love it.

My husband’s 2019 New Year’s resolution (well, one of them) was to travel somewhere once a month. Did we do that, no, but we did seem to be on the road quite often. I felt guilty that I didn’t see my Charlotte grandkids as much as I would have liked. Before we moved, I often went for just a few hours, as it was only a 90-minute trip. I could attend a school program or special sports event, take them for a treat, and still make it home for dinner. Now, whether my husband and I go together or I go alone, we spend at least one night with them. As my daughter pointed out, the extra time gives us more quality, as well as quantity, time. It gives me time with each one of them to hear about what they’re doing in school, their current likes and dislikes, and anything and everything else they want to talk about. And at the ages of 12, almost nine and soon-to-be-6, that’s a lot! They know they can Facetime me any time. We will make the drive to see them perform on the stage or on the soccer or field hockey fields, or at any event that is important in their lives.

Along with our Charlotte angels, we now reside in the same town as our other two daughters, so our four other grands are just a few miles away. It is an absolute joy to watch them grow up. We have been here to see so many of their firsts, and with ages of 7, 4, 3, and 1, there will be so many more.

The rest of 2019 included a baptism, several birthdays, beach trips, a much-needed hip replacement, a trip to Ireland, our annual family Labor Day long-weekend trip, holiday get-togethers, and so much more—all memories to cherish.

Now, it is the start of a brand new year, more firsts, and more memories to make. This year will see changes—hopefully, all good, but whatever 2020 brings, we’ll have family to embrace, watch grow and love! “And there’s no way to stop it; no there’s no way to stop it.” But, maybe, slow it down a bit, so I can savor each wonderful moment!



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