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For better or for worse, the presence of social media in the world has turned us all into amateur photographers. If you don’t think so, play close attention to the latest round of TV commercials for the newest cell phone. Do they tout their ability to make crystal- clear phone calls across multiple states? No. They show us that their newest phone features three cameras and a portrait mode!

So, what is everyone doing with the photos they are taking? One answer is the 6th-most popular social network site, Instagram. With a reported 110 million users in the U.S., we are the country with the most Instagram users worldwide, and 63% of us use it daily.

There’s no denying that the filters and features of Instagram can do some pretty cool things to a basic photo!  But you still need an interesting background or visual prop to keep your “likes” up. With that in mind, below is a curated list of places right here in the Triad that you might enjoy posing with. Some are very popular, and a couple are a bit more obscure. (And all of these photos have been creatively enhanced with Instagram filters.)

Consider yourself challenged to get out and about to snap some pics then, and send us your InstaWorthy hometown images! This is a Top Nine list—we want YOU to complete the list with YOUR favorite InstaWorthy spot in the Triad!

Nine Local InstaWorthy backgrounds:

With its tobacco pipes and Laura Lashley murals, Bailey Park has more than its fair share of photo ops, but have you found this interesting, textural wall yet?

Opening in 1930, Winston-Salem’s Iconic Shell station has stood the test of time and was even mentioned on as a “worthy photo detour.”

I can only guess that 100s of cars pass by this vintage-looking Pepsi Ad every day. Whether they’re coming and going from Mozelle’s, Camel City Goods, or URBN Girl, this vintage Ad wall on Burke Street is worth pulling over for!

Perfectly suited to the fast-paced, keep-us-interested world of social media is Art Park in Winston-Salem, with the never-the-same-twice mural wall.

Ideal any time of year due to the structure of the botanical gardens, Reynolda Gardens offers not only the stunning conservatory but a water feature, multiple beds, and a newly renovated arbor. Not to mention multiple walking trails that lead to Reynolda Village, Reynolda House, and Wake Forest University.

And while you’re walking those paths, if you happen to find yourself on campus, another photo opportunity presents itself—Wait Chapel. Reaching over 200 feet toward the sky, Wait Chapel can seat 2,250 guests and houses the Janet Jeffrey Carlile Harris Carillon of 48 bells. Catching it on Lovefeast night, encircled by luminaries, is a special treat!

Nothing gets people’s attention like a photo with a famous person! And just a short drive to the High Point University campus and you can strike a pose with Abe Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Mark Twain, Mother Teresa, and Leonardo Da Vinci, and 13 other notables. Well, bronze versions by artist John Hair, actually.

Childress Vineyards offers an alfresco stroll with acres of grapevines meandering into the distance. This is not only a great way to spend the afternoon, but it looks terrific through a camera lens!

A local favorite for photography of all kinds is Old Salem. But look beyond the buildings and churches for this colorful stone wall, the brick arches under the covered bridge and the outdoor amphitheater at Salem College.



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