Jada Paul’s Prom Dress Giveaway

Prom is a memorable time in a teenager’s life. This night to remember is full of glamour and glitz. Unfortunately, it is also full of expenses. To make sure every young lady has a special prom night, there have been people, such as Jada Paul, who have stepped in to help. For the past four years, Paul has been assisting female high school students in Winston-Salem find their perfect prom look.

The idea for Jada Paul’s Prom Dress Giveaway, which is part of the Chris Paul Family Foundation, originated from Paul’s own prom experience during her senior year of high school. Along with events in Forsyth County, the Prom Dress Giveaway has been held in Los Angeles, and plans are in the works for an event in Houston this year. However, Paul will always hold a special place in her heart for the giveaways in Forsyth County.

“Forsyth County is home and there is nothing more rewarding than working in the community that our family will always call home. The cost has become prohibitive for a number of families. Our family wanted to give some young ladies not only the opportunity to select a dress, shoes, and jewelry, but also to share that experience with their moms,” explained Paul.

The Prom Dress Giveaway is an afternoon-long event for young ladies and their moms to enjoy. Festivities include a fashion show, makeup artists and hair stylists sharing tips, and guest speakers. Paul also stated there are giveaways for limo rides to prom, tuxedos for their dates, makeovers, and pre-prom dinners. Lastly, the young ladies will leave with their gown, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, all selected by themselves.

“The greatest thing about hosting the event is meeting the girls and sharing in their excitement. When a young lady and her mom come over to thank me and tell me that without this event, she would not be able to go to prom, it just warms my heart. The smiles stay with me from year to year,” reflected Paul.

According to Paul, the gowns are graciously donated from different vendors, and the girls are selected to attend by various community organizations in Forsyth County.

“One of the things we think is important for the girls to know is that their community came together to make this a special afternoon for them. There are a number of companies that support us each year and we are blessed to be able to share this very special time with these young ladies,” Paul commented.

Details are still being confirmed for this year’s special Prom Dress Giveaway. One thing is for sure, though—many girls in the community will be given memories that will stay with them for a long time.

“I want people to know that this evening is an important night for young ladies and their escorts. Prom is one of the highlights of [your] senior year and the positive memories created in your graduation year will live with you for a lifetime. Our plan is to continue doing the event and hope that each year, we are able to invite more young ladies and their moms to attend,” maintained Paul.


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