Creative Ideas for “Prom-posals”

When it comes to life as a high school student, there is no night bigger than the prom. It is the night high school memories are made of. From finding the perfect dress, to scheduling beauty treatments, to coordinating the evening with close friends, details are key. Yet, with most attention going towards prom attire, often- times the proposal itself, unfortunately, is forgotten.

The method of asking someone to the prom should be just as critically executed as the prom dress or tuxedo chosen. Remember, this is a monumental night! With the 2018 prom season quickly approaching, it is vital to begin devising a few unique methods for asking that special someone to the prom. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin thinking of a way, begin brainstorming today. Nervous about where to start? Have no fear, Forsyth Family has a steady supply of “prom-posals” fit for prom king or queen!

Drive-by request. Decorate the street leading up to your date’s house with lawn signs asking him/her to the prom. Their name would be on one small sign, followed by “will,” followed by “you,” followed by “go,” followed by “to,” followed by “the,” followed by “prom,” followed by “with,” followed by “me?” Yes, you may need to spend a significant amount of time making the small signs, but think about the reaction they will each receive as their target drives by. Lawn signs are the easy way to ask without even having to be there!

Wish for good fortune! Another creative way to ask would be to order personalized fortune cookies asking your date to the prom. Several websites offer these services for fairly low prices. You could add humor to this with a witty pick-up line such as: “I predict an exceptional prom date with ___(insert your name)____ in your future!” Take your date to grab Chinese take-out, and have your waitress bring this personalized fortune to your table. Get ready for a “Yes!”

Hide your question in a latte. Use your need for a caffeine fix as a way to ask your date. Using a sharpie, write down your proposal on the bottom of your coffee cup. Keep it short and simple with just, “Prom?” When you’re finishing, make sure to hold your cup up to your mouth high enough for your date to read what you’re asking. Get ready for a laugh and a yes!

Stuff her locker & win his/her heart. This is an “oldie but goodie.” Sneak into your future prom date’s locker by asking a friend for his or her combination. Afterwards, place balloons, candy, stuffed animals, etc. in it with a sign asking your date out. You’re sure to witness a smile and a positive answer once they open up their locker.

Cover song to the rescue! Re-write the lyrics to your future date’s favorite song, with your own words asking your date to the prom. While this maneuver may take time and patience, the outcome will be worth it. Try amplifying the effect by playing the song at a key moment in the day, and performing the song in front of him/her.

Cheesy but worth it. Who doesn’t love a great pizza for an afternoon study session. Make your pizza do the dirty work by having the pepperoni spell out “Prom?” for your date. Order this through any major chain pizza restaurant early, just make sure to tell them the “special request.” Be ready for a big smile when they open the box for their first slice.

Ask “It” for some help. For those dates who love scary movies, channel “Pennywise,” the terrifying clown from the hit movie, It. In the movie, he often sends his future victims red balloons. This time, hide your note inside the balloon, then send this to him/her with the simple request stating that they need to “POP” the balloon for a special request. This move is sure to win the heart of a die-hard scary movie fan!


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