The Heart of Mom in Counseling

BY GEORGE CAMPBELL HAGE, ED. D., PH. D., LPCS The family in traditional society has been comprised of a husband, wife, and child or children. Mom and wife provide the […]

Prom Photos

Before going to prom, there are a lot of components to consider: the dress, the suit, the restaurant, the flowers, the after-party; but one thing that everyone participates in before […]

Creative Ideas for “Prom-posals”

When it comes to life as a high school student, there is no night bigger than the prom. It is the night high school memories are made of. From finding […]

Jada Paul’s Prom Dress Giveaway

Prom is a memorable time in a teenager’s life. This night to remember is full of glamour and glitz. Unfortunately, it is also full of expenses. To make sure every […]

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