Home Instead Senior Care Making Winston-Salem, NC, One of the “Best Cities for Successful Aging”

As advancements have been made in the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, many of us are extending our lives into eight, nine and in some cases 10 decades. Yesterday’s idea of “riding off into the sunset years” of life just doesn’t apply to people today. While the health and economic challenges of aging continue to be concerns, a growing number of today’s older adults are redefining their experience. No longer are seniors spending their time idly; some are starting new companies, working with non-profits, traveling the world and mentoring youth in their communities. They are seeking a continuation of engagement in life and to live with purpose. Seniors expect their communities to support their changing needs, as well as recognize their abilities and contributions to the greater good of society.

With the gift of a longer life, older adults are seeing new opportunities to pursue work, education, civic and social involvement. Our older population wants access to amenities that ease the challenges of aging and enhance the quality of life for themselves and their loved ones. To achieve these goals, where we live has never been more important.

With the aforementioned in mind, the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging recently announced the 2017 Best Cities for Successful Aging report and index, evaluating how well the US metropolitan areas serve the needs and meet the expectations of the nation’s largest-ever population of mature adults, enabling them to age productively, securely and in optimal health.

Recently, Winston-Salem became a city more focused on helping seniors to have productive lives when Mayor Allen Joines signed the Mayor’s Pledge and joined the “Best Cities for Successful Aging” movement to make our city a place for purposeful, healthy aging, creating an inviting environment for seniors. Partnering with the leadership of Winston-Salem is Home Instead Senior Care.

Shannon Hodge, franchise owner of Home Instead Senior Care, explained, “Our company was developed with a passionate desire to provide trusted in-home care for seniors. It’s a simple idea, but one that is becoming more important as people are living longer and as the baby-boomer generation ages. The word ‘Home’ means many things to each of us, but it is where your heart is. As you age, or a loved one ages, life and health situations come along, requiring additional help with daily tasks, and staying in the place you call ‘home’ becomes even more important. Our focus is to make sure you can be ‘home’.” For many, part of their idea of ‘home’ is Winston-Salem, and now Home Instead Senior Care is even more in touch with their community.

“Home Instead Senior Care has been providing care for seniors since 2001 from our office on Healy Drive. We recently moved our office to downtown Winston-Salem and are settling into our new ‘home.’ Because of the Mayor’s pledge to partner with us in making our city more senior-friendly, there’s an even stronger commitment to help raise awareness of the needs of seniors in our area, which is very exciting to us. With Mayor Joines signing the pledge, senior living has been elevated to a priority, giving recognition to the important roles seniors play in our city and community. By improving the lives of our aging adults, we strengthen our community, because our seniors have so much to share with each of us,” Shannon commented. 

Sharing All the City Has to Offer

Mayor Joines is excited about Home Instead Senior Care’s new location on Spruce Street, as well as his and the city’s roles in making Winston-Salem more “senior friendly.” “When seniors look at Winston-Salem, we want them to see a city that is attuned to their needs and concerns. Our city has become an even better place to retire with the new residential areas downtown, accessible to our wonderful restaurants, expert medical care and cultural experiences like the events at the Stevens Center. To make sure that I am in touch with the concerns of our senior residents, I meet every two months with the Senior Power Think Tank, a group representing various agencies in the city that address the issues associated with aging. Most often, a major concern is transportation and having activities accessible. Areas that we continue to focus on are park development and recreation, hoping to keep our seniors active as they age. Our senior population has so much to offer to each of us and we really need to make Winston-Salem a great place for them to visit and to call ‘home’,” he acknowledged. It’s the focus of having a place to call ‘home’ that is at the heart of Home Instead Senior Care.

“At Home Instead Senior Care, we have always believed in keeping our clients in their homes, instead of anywhere else. Our new office is in a former home, to give our clients and our employees a reminder that we are about ‘home.’ We hope clients will come with their CAREGivers and spend some time, maybe on the porch in the rocking chairs, to see we truly believe in what we are doing. Our CAREGivers range in age from 18-84. Having seniors as CAREGivers is important to us, because we know that they, more than anyone, can relate to what is important to seniors. Throughout our lives, we need to know and feel that we are making a difference and can continue to make a contribution to those around us. That connection to others and their community is even more important to seniors and we are very proud to be a part of a city that is dedicated to our senior population and keeping them active and healthy in the years to come,” Shannon declared.

Home Instead Senior Care is a private-pay, long-term insurance, VA benefit in-home care company and is located at 126 S. Spruce Street, Winston-Salem, NC. For more information, call 336-760-8001 or visit www.homeinstead.com/439.



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