DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

After everything that has happened with schooling since the beginning of 2020, I think all parents can agree on this point: Teachers are absolute rock stars and deserve all the good things in the world. That being said, we absolutely want to spoil them when it comes to Christmas – but not all of us have the financial means for large gifts, or we want our gifts to be more personal and from the heart. Coming in clutch here with some great DIY gifts that any teacher will love!

Donut Jar:

  • Find a cute mason jar.
  • Fill to the brim with tiny donuts.
  • Attach a sign that says “We DONUT know what we would do without you!” around the neck with decorative ribbon or twine.

Hand Down a Great Gift:

  • Trace your child’s hand on decorative paper (or whatever paper you have on hand).
  • Write on the hand “Hand’s down you’re the best!” and have your child sign it.
  • Attach to hand sanitizer with a decorative ribbon.

Chill Pills:

  • Fill a large mason jar or other type of container with M&M’S or Skittles (whichever you think your child’s teacher will prefer).
  • Decorate a piece of paper with the words “chill pills” and attach to the jar.

Hot Cocoa Kit:

  • Get 4-6 empty test tubes with lids from the craft store or online.
  • Fill each with a different ingredient for fancy hot cocoa.
    • Examples: Cocoa mix, cookie crumbles, candy canes, tiny marshmallows, etc.
  • Tie all of the tubes together with a decorative ribbon, and place in a cute mug.

Scrabble Desk Name Plate:

  • Go to a thrift store and find an old game of Scrabble – most thrift stores have at least one of these with missing pieces.
  • Find all the letters to spell your teacher’s name and glue them to the game letter holder.
  • If you want to go the extra mile, mod podge glitter onto the letter holder before attaching the letters.

It goes without saying (but we’ll go ahead and say it anyway) that presentation for gifts can make or break the effect – so make sure to package these up beautifully before you give them out. For just over $2, you can pick up a 20 pack of tissue paper and a few gift bags from the dollar tree which will completely elevate your presentation. If plain bags aren’t your thing – get your artsy side on and paint a little tree or Christmas ornament on the bag! 

Most importantly, have your child decorate a holiday card with a sweet note about why they love their teachers. The “from the heart” gift notes make a world of difference in an overwhelmed teacher’s life.


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