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Forsyth Magazines writer since 2018. Tabi Falcone has lived in Winston-Salem since 2014 and finds it is the perfect mix of country and city for her lifestyle needs. With a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, she works in the apparel industry during the day and muses about her life as a crafty working mom in her blog, Gray Hair or Glitter, by night. She lives in a self-proclaimed “Art Gallery House” with her husband, Matt, and their two children Liam and Maxwell. With a background in art, she dabbles in just about every craft imaginable and enjoys sharing this passion with her children. Her other interests include camping, hiking, reading, running, and she is never one to turn down an adventure.

National Park Passports

Our National Parks are one of the best treasures our country has to offer, with an incredibly diverse offering of monuments of historical figures, national seashores, vast stretches of natural

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Dating Your Spouse Post Kids

Marriage is a life-long commitment (at least that’s generally the goal), and to keep both parties happy, it takes hard work. Now add stressors into that, like having kids, and

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DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

After everything that has happened with schooling since the beginning of 2020, I think all parents can agree on this point: Teachers are absolute rock stars and deserve all the

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Vacationing on a Budget

Now that the world is reopening, it’s time to go celebrate by going on vacation! As much as we would all love to go on glorious, tropical, month-long vacations at

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Public School Profiles

Choosing a school for your children is hard, and the choice system in Winston-Salem can be confusing at times, especially to those of us who come from small towns that

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