Kid-Approved Family Game Night

At least once a week, my family and I gather for our battle royale. Our fight to the death. Or, as some people may call it: “game night.” Regardless of the ferocity of the players (in our family we have adopted the family motto: “There are no friends in Uno”), game night is a wonderful time for parents and kids to bond without having to “try too hard.”  Being able to extend your bonding while also laughing, competing, and enjoying the overall merriment is priceless.

While many of us who are in the more competitive streak of “game-nighters” have a solid collection to choose from, I have taken the liberty to interview several kids and parents about their favorite games.

Jaelyn, age 8:

“I love “Spoons,” because it is so fun to try to go as fast as I can and be sneaky at the same time. Hey, actually, can we play it now?”

Lydia, age 7:

“I like “Clue,” because I like that it’s about mysteries and stuff. It’s fun to try to trick people into telling me what’s on their cards.”

Colton, age 9:

“Exploding Kittens.” I just like that there is exploding.  And violence. It makes me laugh every time.”

Marissa, age 30-something:

“I contributed to the “Puns Against Anarchy” kick-starter because I knew it was a game I needed in my life. Every time I play, I laugh so hard I wheeze. I can’t wait until we can do things with people again because a good game night with friends is exactly what I need in life right now.” (“Puns Against Anarchy” is 17+ because grown-ups need game nights, too.)

Liam, age 10:

“Cards Against Humanity – Family Edition” because it’s funny and has potty jokes. I like to play it with my family because it makes us laugh.”

Maxwell, age 8:

“Phase Ten,” because there are ten phases and whoever finishes it first, wins…. It sometimes takes a long time to play and I love playing with my family for a long time.”

Tabi, age 30-something:

“Uno” is my favorite game by far—we actually have 8 different decks of “Uno.” “Waterproof” is now my favorite after an unfortunate incident involving a poorly thrown pillow and a glass of wine.…”


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