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It’s no secret life is all about connecting. Your personal relationships and overall mental health can literally depend on it!

Focused on life-changing, individualized care, Dr. Anna Nichols and the Nichols Hearing & Audiology team recognize the urgency of being able to communicate needs and feelings. If you’re struggling through daily life with even slightly diminished hearing, you owe it to yourself to see – and hear – what essentials you may be missing. While it’s springtime, you don’t want to miss the sounds of birds singing and soon, happy children at play on summer nights!

Even minor hearing loss can make it harder to interact with family on a daily basis, not to mention with business associates. As communication becomes more difficult, you may withdraw – leading to depression and anxiety. If you’re shying away from sporting events or parties, you’re missing out on making new friends and learning new things, which are both essential to maintaining mental sharpness and the overall positive attitude that contributes to longevity. Dr. Nichols shares that there can be as much as a 60% increase in risk for depression and anxiety in those with moderate to severe hearing loss, and even a 30% increase for those with even a slight hearing loss. Those losses can also be tied to dementia.

“Support from family and friends is crucial, and we always recommend a spouse attend an initial hearing evaluation with their partner,” she explains. “Frustration with daily communication can occur on both sides, so we offer compassionate care, discussing coping strategies for both and explaining the level of hearing loss in detail.”

Some quick tips if you’re living with someone experiencing diminished hearing:

  • Do not try to talk from room-to-room.
  • Learn tactile cues such as touching someone’s shoulder before beginning to speak.
  • Choose restaurants with low background noise.
  • Always turn the TV off before beginning a new conversation.

While hearing loss can be correlated to common disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease, there has always been a stigma attached to hearing troubles as an unwelcome sign of aging. However, Dr. Nichols says her practice has recently seen patients at a much younger age. Having a baseline reading from a hearing evaluation is always a good idea to stay aware of any future issues that may pop up.

Hearing loss should not feel as daunting as it once did, with all the new technology available, and more opportunities for early detection. If your individualized care plan includes hearing aids, the team uses technology to fit hearing aids that are unique to a patient’s specific needs. To achieve that, a microphone is placed into the patient’s ears to calibrate and adjust the hearing aid, frequency by frequency. With a four-week trial period available, a patient can return during that time for any necessary adjustments. Plus, there are now new rechargeable techniques that allow hearing aid batteries to last up to five years – and a new design that’s easier for patients with dexterity issues as well. There are 48 million people in the United States with some amount of hearing loss – and those who have sought help will tell you the benefits of better hearing are tremendous!

Your initial visit with Nichols Hearing & Audiology will include a full evaluation that requires gathering your case history, a visualization of your external ear canal and a hearing test in the practice’s modern sound booth, using state-of-the-art equipment. Patients who have seen a life change share what sets Dr. Nichols and her team apart!

“If you’re looking for an audiologist but doubting all the five-star reviews, put your doubts to rest, because I assure you five stars aren’t enough! My initial phone call to set up an appointment was with Emily, and I immediately felt like family. My nervousness walking into my first appointment only lasted a few seconds! After speaking with Mary at the front desk and Emily again, I felt completely at ease, knowing I had made the right choice for my care. Dr. Nichols took me back for testing and, once again, even though I had never met her, it felt like I had known her my whole life. She checked my hearing, explained everything and I walked out the door with hearing aids that same day. I could hear things I haven’t heard in 30 years. These three beautiful ladies are simply the best in the business – they do not come any better!” ~ M.S.

“I’ve had hearing aids for 14 years – and even went to a big box store for some less expensive aids – but I have gone back to Dr. Nichols and Oticon aids. I’ve always been impressed with the staff’s personal attention and not trying to up-sell a patient to more expensive devices with bells/whistles that might not be needed. Additionally, and this is critical for me, Dr. Nichols is very knowledgeable about bluetooth and linked technologies – helping pair a smartphone and discuss settings and filters that might be adjusted. She expertly adjusts the devices to the decibel range(s) that are needed, based on testing.” ~ S.B.

“Dr Nichols is an exceptional audiologist – compassionate, very well-educated and informed. I have worn hearing aids for 12 years, and along with my hearing loss, I also have low volume tinnitus. Two months ago, my tinnitus suddenly increased to an unbearable volume, and I was suffering mentally as the extreme high pitch was emotionally straining. I sought medical help, but doctors were unable to offer solutions. I went to Dr. Nichols in hopes she could help me, and she fitted me with a new set of hearing aids that have the capability of creating a masking sound. My tinnitus is relieved! I no longer hear the tinnitus when wearing the hearing aids, and at a lower volume when I take them off. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Nichols for her compassion and expertise, and I thank God she gave me my life back!” ~ L.

Eager to help you hear what you’re missing and nurture your personal relationships, Nichols Hearing & Audiology is located at 3640 Westgate Center Circle, Suite B in Winston-Salem, 336.842.3437. They invite you to call any time with questions about your own hearing or the hearing of a loved one – and an evaluation could make a perfect Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift! Visit them online at, and follow them on Facebook at Nichols Hearing & Audiology, and on Instagram @nicholshearingandaudiology.


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