Adventure Awaits: Planning A Budget-Friendly Experience

Sometimes we enter a period where it’s better to conserve than to splurge. Don’t get discouraged if that period happens during the summer because there are ways to embark on unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank! Summer can be a perfect time to plan a budget-friendly getaway or staycation that doesn’t shortchange you on excitement and relaxation. Let’s dive into some fun ideas that will have you counting down the days until your next adventure.

The Classic Staycation 

This should always be on the docket because it allows you to transform your space into a cozy retreat at no extra cost. After all, you already paid the rent/mortgage! My partner and I love to queue up a movie or a show we haven’t had time to watch, grab our favorite drinks and snacks, and snuggle up. We make a whole day out of it. After watching TV, we may sit on our porch that overlooks a gorgeous pool and imagine we are somewhere else, or take a walk on a nearby trail with our dog. The conversations that flow from a simple staycation are some of the best ones to cherish. 

The Staycation Remix

If a staycation in your home won’t satisfy your desires, consider booking an Airbnb room. Booking just a room is not as expensive as booking an entire house, and there are great options that will give you the feeling of being in a luxurious suite. Bring some board games, and you can include the same activities mentioned previously. One of the best perks is now you don’t have to worry too much about resetting the entire space because that part is done for you when you leave. 

A Day Trip With A Twist

Day trips are always fun, and most people plan a trip to a nearby beach or lake. If you want to switch things up, consider traveling to another city for a specific event like a craft market or music festival. You can also choose to stroll the downtown streets which are likely filled with cute boutiques, cafes and galleries. 

You will find yourself having a great time and appreciating the uniqueness of a different town. All you need is the gas money to get there, and it’s up to you if you take some extra spending cash to support the local shops and artists. You can pack your own lunches to save on the costs of eating out and truly make the trip your own experience. 

We yearn for vacations to create lasting memories, so with a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can plan the perfect budget-friendly vacation or staycation that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and fulfilled. So, make an intentional itinerary, grab your loved one’s hand and prepare for an amazing summer! 

Sheridan’s immediate family includes her hubby, Devin, and their dog, Rocky. Although they don’t yet have children, it’s still important for them to establish traditions and values as they lay their foundation for an impactful, evolving family. Sheridan also loves spending time with her relatives and her friends, who are her extended chosen family.


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