10 Great Reasons to Go to Hip Chics for Prom

Prom is an exciting time in a teenager’s life. A milestone and even a rite of passage. The Hip Chics Formal Wear and Village Tuxedo team have years of experience in taking the pressure out of finding the perfect dress (or tux!). There are plenty of great reasons (and testimonials) about why Hip Chics Formal […]

Oh, Deer! Wildlife Safety

Encountering wildlife in nature can be a beautiful spectacle. Vehicles on rural, country roads often witness deer running and jumping or turkey flying or waddling in their natural environment. In seconds, however, an unsuspecting driver, who discovers they are in the path of a creature, may swerve or hit the breaks in panic, leading to […]

The Jolliest Family This Side of the Nuthouse

BY TMOM BLOGGER LAURA SIMON I need to preface this with a bit of context: I am a strict believer that Christmas décor goes up the day after Thanksgiving. The same holds true for Christmas carols: not a note until Black Friday morning no matter how early that morning might be. I openly scorn stores […]

Nourish Young Minds with Living Books

BY KIM WATKINS I’ve been an avid reader since childhood, spending many an early morning or a late night wrapped in a cozy blanket with a warm beverage and a good book. As I have grown as a reader, I have learned to find books that are life-giving, ones with beautiful language, ones that open […]

Dec 2021 “From the Heart”

We’ve almost made it through another year! And, what a year it was! A year of challenges for sure but one that has hopefully brought about more appreciation for things perhaps taken for granted in the past. A renewed appreciation for things that really matter most! My wish for everyone this Christmas season is to […]

THE NUTCRACKER: Welcoming the Holiday Spirit

The lush score, vivid staging and extraordinary performances that have made our UNCSA production a beloved holiday tradition have returned to the Stevens Center stage bringing with it the magic and energy of live performance. Nothing beats the thrill of live performance — for the artists and the audience,” said Chancellor Brian Cole. “Last year, amid […]

Ten Christmas Symbols and What They Mean

Homes adorned with holly and wreaths…windows aglow with candlelight…poinsettias, candy canes, stars…red and green everywhere you go—all of this can mean only one thing: Christmas is coming!  We love to decorate our homes, yards, churches, businesses, and even cars with the familiar symbols of Christmas. For many, these symbols evoke happy childhood memories and trigger […]

Consider the Gift of Plants

Presents come in all sizes and colors. If the requirements include brightening a room and emanating a feeling of love for years, consider a potted plant! The most rewarding foliage will match the caretaker’s lifestyle, space limitations and attentive maintenance requirements. A monthly responsibility, such as a water-sipping succulent, may be ideal for anyone on-the-go […]

Up, Up and Away: Fun and Engaging Ways to Teach the History of Flight for Kids

Early records of taking flight, whether it be humans or objects, date back to 400 BC in China with the discovery of a kite. After this invention came about, Chinese citizens believed that humans could possibly start flying, and more kites were used in religious ceremonies. Through the years, numerous efforts were made by many […]

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