Cupboard and Closet Organizational Tips

Perfection may be defined by the appearance of linear columns, whether they are made up of cans or towels. The idea of perfection is fine when the phrases “quick decisions” or “sight limitations” do not dispute the very definition you seek to maintain. Perhaps the organizational system most to be desired is not found in the burdensome task of visual neatness; instead, we should start thinking about its purpose. If you are searching for tips to help you balance organization with function, the following suggestions may be exactly what you need!

Kitchen Help

The movements in the kitchen can often feel like a dance of shuffles and bends, especially if the dinner plates are on one side of the kitchen while the utensils are on the other. Ah, consider coordinating your needs, and place them together. For instance, drinking glasses should be near the refrigerator, and plates and utensils within an arm’s reach of one another. How far are you walking to retrieve pots and pans, a baking pan, or a spatula? Thankfully, organizational solutions change the dance to a firm sway, without the threat of stepping on anyone’s toes!

  • Remove any item you haven’t touched in a week from your countertops!
  • If you have a large number of cookbooks, place them on a high shelf, protected against humidity and grease splashes.
  • Start storing frequently-used utensils, such as whisks, serving spoons, spatulas, tongs, and scissors in a jar by the stove.
  • Place a thin magnet on either side of your cupboard to hold cookie sheets upright.
  • If a hanging pot rack is not an option in your kitchen, consider creating a “cooking zone” as close to your range as possible.
  • One cabinet should be themed for baking, to include such items as brown, confectionary, and pure sugars, extracts, measuring cups, and even small hooks to hang measuring spoons on.
  • Deep cabinets are usually a hole of mystery. And since items may fall off a lazy Susan, try containing teas or spices, packaged soups, or muffin and cake boxes in theme-based baskets.
  • While sliding self-organizers are a financial investment, they assist in organizing your items for easier accessibility. You can also repurpose a wire magazine holder for vegetable and fruit cans.
  • A tiered basket with oranges and apples, or a basket of fruit bars can help your family choose a good snack, versus diving into the cupboard for a less nutritious offering. The eye will grab, first, what it sees!
  • Seeking more counter space? Consider investing in a kitchen island with lockable wheels. A stainless-steel countertop is easy to clean, and the additional shelving underneath might solve some organizational needs.


The basket or container has become a viable means to store functional items while offering a pleasant visual. For starters, place a basket near the shower and place each rolled-up bath towel into it. In addition, add a small basket on the counter of the half-bath with rolled hand towels, or even washcloths for the kids.

  • To eliminate musty odors on your bath towel, exchange your hook for a towel bar.
  • Often, the bulk of our bathroom cabinets and shelves hold expired and unused items, as well as bulky toiletry bags. It’s time to organize with a trashcan close by, and leave everyday essentials in clear containers, with or without lids.
  • Leave a shelf for emergency essentials. This would comprise emergency kits, and small to medium boxes containing pads and tampons, band-aids, alcohol wipes, and an antibiotic ointment. It’s nice to grab just one box and be able to move quickly!
  • Large containers or open baskets can hold toilet paper or summer sheets. (Tuck pillowcases inside the sheets to keep sheet sets together.)
  • Shelves may be an attractive means to remove clutter from drawers and countertops. Containers can hold Q-tips, cotton balls, and makeup brushes. And trays can feature bottles and other items. Additionally, fragile items are treated more carefully when they are placed onto a shelf rather than dropped into a drawer.

Location often isn’t enough to help us find a preferred item; therefore, with a few concise words, remember to label your stackable boxes and containers!



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