COVID Stealing Christmas?

With a show of imaginary hands, how many of us would rather get a root canal (the old-fashioned kind, minus the anesthesia) than to hear one of the two phrases, “Out of abundance of caution we have cancelled our worship service/festival/program/theater production/event, due to COVID this year” or “Out of abundance of caution we are going to have a virtual worship service/festival/program/theater production/event this year”?  Okay, in all honesty, I rather hear one of those phrases as my dad described an-old fashioned root canal and well, no thank you.  But I truly loathe hearing and making these kinds of announcements as we are going two years into the pandemic and, no pun intended, I am sick of it!   But I get it.  I do.  We absolutely need to protect people and be wise.  You won’t find a stronger proponent of COVID inoculations than me.  At the same time, I am ready, as I am sure many of you are, to get back to some degree of pre-pandemic normalcy, especially as we enter this season.  I so desperately don’t want COVID “stealing Christmas!” 

Unless we get hit with the Delta Zulu Uber Max COVID variant, New Day Community Church is inviting you to our series “The Four Faces of Christmas.” It will be in person and if the COVID numbers are low enough, masks will be optional for the fully vaccinated.  Even though we are contemporary, we will sing some of the classic Christmas carols and decorate the sanctuary for the season.  We will take a journey back to Bethlehem and look at the Christmas story with fresh eyes. In fact, we will look at it through four sets of eyes, as we consider Jesus’ birth, and the events surrounding it, from all four gospel writers.  Each has something to add to the nativity account.  Even the gospel of Mark, who doesn’t even seem to offer one word on it. 

If you have felt spiritually disconnected, isolated, and long to re-connect to a Christian community in person where you can come as you are, New Day might be a place for you. We invite you to check us out online for the details regarding our services.  If you don’t come here, we urge you, if you are not immune-compromised to go somewhere.  Don’t let COVID steal our Christmas, preventing us from celebrating the King of Kings this season! 



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