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Ron is originally from West Palm Beach Florida but has spent the bulk of his life in the Carolinas. He went to Furman University for his undergraduate work and Asbury Theological Seminary for his Masters in Divinity. He spent his earlier years in Europe serving as an officer in the United States Army before he sensed a calling to vocational ministry. He is married to Megan, an art teacher in Forsyth County Schools. She is a breast cancer survivor and loves to share her faith story regarding her journey. They have two teenage daughters, McKenna and Molly. McKenna is a freshman at Forsyth Tech and Molly is a senior at Reagan High School. They serve as Ron’s fashion consultants. Ron loves coffee, reading, hiking, camping, biking, paddling, backpacking and basically anything having to do with the outdoors. He also loves meeting new people and having deep conversations about Jesus, philosophy and astrophysics (2/3 of this is true). He is generally clueless about all the things regarding sports, but he is really good at pretending he is a fan. Ron believes that following Jesus gives shape and meaning to every aspect of life, John 10:10. Because of this, he has committed his life to inviting others to join him in this journey.

Working the Core

A friend at the gym recently told me that I should try “hot yoga.”  A vision of a wizened old man wearing a loincloth sitting in a lotus position, dripping

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The Church’s PR Problem

Several years ago, my denomination came out with a new marketing campaign, “ReThink Church.”  I thought it was extremely timely. Don’t get me wrong.  I fully realize I am no

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So Lonely, You Can Cry?

In the late seventies, the band “The Police” released the song So Lonely on their “Outlandos d’Amour” album.   So Lonely lived up to his name, as the English listening

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The Good War?

Historian Studs Terkel wrote an oral history of World War II entitled The Good War.  He called it this, not because he believed it was “good” in a traditional sense. 

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Growing By Going Small?

As a teenager, I attended a small church in my neighborhood.  I had a few friends who were part of big youth ministries and they did some really big things. 

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COVID Stealing Christmas?

With a show of imaginary hands, how many of us would rather get a root canal (the old-fashioned kind, minus the anesthesia) than to hear one of the two phrases,

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