“What If?” Presents the Creative Home Toolbox

“What-if?”, those worrisome words, appear in the conscious spinning topics in our mind, from safety and financial security, to loved ones and pet health.  Asking, “What can I do?” leads to a proactive decision to invest time in the ultimate insurance policy—valuable life skills encompassing food, water, and medical care! In any emergency, from extreme weather to a personal disaster, you have the power to take charge of your fate by making plans and taking action! 

A toolbox used to be a gift of passage to new drivers, graduates, and homeowners.  Every item within could mend, resolve, and fix everything and anything with a twist, pressure, or application. The only way to learn how to use each tool was through trial and error, while muttering phrases like, “too small” or “too big!”  Today, the toolbox has more than just screwdrivers, pliers, and hammers.  It comes with live-saving uses!

A few items in your tool kit:

  • A claw hammer, ideal for home repairs and carpentry needs.

         Tip:  When breaking up hard soil, a claw hammer offers more punch than conventional gardening tools.

  • Philips and flat head screwdriver sets accommodate an array of sizes and types.

         Tip:  The head of the Phillips screwdriver resembles a cross. Buy brands that have the size engraved on the head.  They

will fit all screws made in the United States.  For a general purpose screwdriver, select a number-two tool.

  • Standard and metric socket set for mechanical repairs.
  • Crescent wrenches and Allen or Hex keys

         Tip:  If space or budget considerations restrict buying multiple wrenches, choose an adjustable one, called the crescent!

  • Multiple-sized pliers, useful in plumbing and mechanical work.

         Tip: Needle-nose-pliers are an asset when needing to hold a small nail or grabbing hold of a small object for removal.

  • Handsaw, for cutting wood

          Tip: Buy a higher “tooth” count to ensure clean cuts.

  • Metal files to repair or sharpen tools.
  • A 25-foot tape measure.
  • A pry bar, useful in carpentry needs.

         Tip:  An ideal tool to gain leverage to gain entry.  Without a pry bar, try the claw on your hammer!

  • Nails and screws in different diameters and lengths.

          Tip:  Use spice or relish jars for easy storage, and don’t forget to label based on size!

  • One-hundred feet of cordage, multiple bungee cords, and winch straps for tie-downs and bundling.

Additional Essential Tools:


The invisible glue with super strength is the catalyst for fantastic successes bonding two items together– a must-have in a tool kit.  When tears and holes are too big for super glue, duct tape has its place.  Ideal for repairing radiator hoses and use as a medical band-aid in extreme circumstances, the waterproof polyethylene tape that possesses a super-strong tensile strength has thousands of applications.

The Leatherman                                                                                                                                                                     

A multi-tool, like the name implies, is an all-in-one tool, containing lightweight, foldable blades.  Whether it fits in your pocket, purse, or on your keychain, consider the device, which includes pliers, screwdrivers, knives, scissors, a bottle opener, and a carabiner. Perhaps you should have one in your car and your toolbox!

The Paracord

First used in parachutes in World War 11, the highly versatile cord has a purpose in every field, from military deployments to repairing the Hubble Space Telescope.  Today, homeowners can find tens of thousands of uses, such as creating a field wrench to making a bow drill, a weapon, such as a Bola, or emergency knife.

The Toolbox

Obtaining numerous tools requires a heavy-duty, durable bag or metal box.  Bigger is not always better.  You’ll need to lift the container, which can be quite heavy!  In time, your toolbox will contain more items than your initially expected, and include wire, a level, utility knife, and flashlight with room still for an electric drill!

Next Month:  Tying Knots


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