Unleash Your Most Romantic Side This Valentine’s Day or Any Day

Want to be more romantic this Valentine’s day? There’s more to it than just loving candles, flowers, chocolate, and kissing. And, you don’t have to be a professional poet or songwriter to consider yourself a hopeless romantic. Anyone with a heart can be one, so here are some musings on how to be your most romantic.


We would be much happier if we focused more on celebrating our lives than on counting our failures. You don’t have to be rich and famous or a best-selling author to be successful. The more we can appreciate the small wins and count the blessings we’re given, the more happiness we can experience. Who doesn’t want to pop open a champagne bottle or just sip a good drink to celebrate a special occasion? Life’s worth celebrating!  So, get into the celebration mode, get your party hat on, and enjoy! Passion and romantic-ness go hand-in-hand.


Put that creativity to good use in all you think and do. Set the romantic tone by adding ambiance to the atmosphere. A little mood lighting can go a long way in creating a romantic setting. From fragrant candles to fairy lights for Valentine’s Day or any time of year, coupled with fresh flowers—spruce and spice it up with an ideal set-up! And, speaking of the fragrant, the nose knows, so appeal to your sense of smell with room spray, incense, or fragrance oils. Remember, aromas can get overwhelming when overdone, so be “scensible” about your scents and make the room smell simply “scentsational.” And, don’t forget your sense of sound, with the right music. Create a passionate Valentines-y playlist that tugs at heartstrings!


It’s hard not to be wooed by a sonnet spoken passionately, or by a serenaded song. Handwrite your poem or song and record it—either speaking it or singing. Embellish it as much as you like, with instrumentals, harmonies/background vocals, and sound effects. Throughout the creative process, have your target audience in mind. Who is the beloved subject of your artistic love letter? Picture your loved one in your mind’s eye, enchanted and entranced by your way of wooing.


You don’t have to be a celebrity chef to wow with delish dishes or bodacious beverages. Tantalize taste buds and tummies with your own version of your fav foods and beverages. Follow the recipe, adding your own signature style or craft completely from scratch, cooking or baking outside the box. Embellish with a garnish, serve, and enjoy! Bless your food before you begin, and savor the flavors.


There’s nothing quite like staring up at the sky of changing colors and clouds. Fill your lungs with fresh air, stretch those legs, and benefit from a healthy dose of vitamin D with sunshine by heading outside. Take a walk around the block, head to the park, or take a trip to the ocean or mountains. Want to capture what you see? Snap some photos and compile them in a montage or collage to look at whenever you want to get re-inspired.


Whether you’re tapping into your inner storyteller with creative fiction and fantasy, or recording your innermost thoughts and feelings, write from the heart and write with soul. Don’t write just to please or appeal to someone. Write what you know to be true from inside of you. Reflect on, and reminisce about, what makes you tick, what you love and hate, what you want and don’t want. Write about what makes you laugh and cry, wonder, and sigh. Develop your authentic voice.

The good news for those of us who don’t feel that romantic—but want to be—is that anyone and everyone can be more romantic if they have the desire to be. You don’t have to try too hard. Remember not to try to be someone you’re not. Be real and be you. Just be true and let the romantic you shine through.



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