Unique and Charming Hostess Gifts for Your Next Holiday Soiree

It’s the holiday season which can mean one thing – more parties and gatherings to attend. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas or another type of get-together, the next few weeks will be filled with invitations and RSVPs. It is traditional southern etiquette to never go to someone’s house empty handed. Some of the usual gifts to give hostesses are candy, candles, wine and dish towels. However, a hostess can only have so many of those objects. Think outside of the box these next two months and bring a unique and charming present to any event where you are a guest. A gift that is out of the ordinary shows you took the extra step and effort to say “thank you for having me.” Better yet, be sure to make that present personal for the hostess. Don’t know where to start? I’ve got a few ideas for you. 

  • Soap with a scent personalized to the hostess. Most of the time soap isn’t one of the first thoughts for a gift. Yet, it is used by everyone and makes the perfect one! Before purchasing, think about your host and their likes/dislikes. Then, get a soap that fits his or her personality, favorite smells and home decor.  
  • Hand soap and/or lotion. Another present filled with variety. There are so many cute sets on the market that make a quick grab and go gift. 
  • Puzzle. There are so many options to explore when giving a puzzle. You could get a print of your hostess’ favorite vacation spot, a beloved flower, animal, time period, etc. Puzzles are extremely customized gifts that send extra love to the party host. 
  • Miniature wooden games. Checkers or chess, miniature wooden games add an extra level of fun to any event. Plus, they also provide a great source of entertainment for the host and his or her family afterwards. Dominoes is another favorite! 
  • Personalized stationery. The art of handwriting has never gone out of style, and this present proves just that. Personalized stationery can either be notecards, letter paper or a notepad. Don’t forget to include a pretty pen for writing! 
  • A cookbook that fits the host’s style for food. Baking, cocktails, dinner recipes – there is a cookbook out there perfect for the chef. 
  • Pop-open cards. There are multiple sets of pop-open cards that match a person’s style. These deck of cards are similar to paper cards and have inspiring messages related to a certain topic on the inside. Topics for decks can include thoughtfulness, mindfulness, motivational and gratitude sayings. 
  • Cheese set complete with a charcuterie board and serving utensils. Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now, and who doesn’t love cheese? Big or small, this gift is just right for any holiday gathering. 
  • S’mores kit and maker. A nostalgic gift that people can enjoy all year long and can be store-bought or homemade. In this kit, provide all the needed ingredients for s’mores: graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate bars. Then, purchase small roasting sticks and an electronic tabletop burner. This idea also works for any time of sweet or salty treat combination. Soup kits with mixes and crackers is another option. Lastly, a pancake mix, bottle of syrup and bottle of jam, placed into a mixing bowl with a whisk is a crowd-pleasing choice, as well. 
  • A seasoning and spice collection. Not just your regular salt and pepper, oregano and rosemary, sending a seasoning and spice collection as a hostess gift will elevate dishes and meals. While it is nice to get the everyday spices, take it up a notch and create a collection of unique flavors such as chili flakes, a Middle Eastern blend, Italian blend or peppercorns. 
  • Customized coasters. There is a type of coaster out there to suit any style. Whether it matches their home decor or represents their personality, coasters are a can’t miss hostess gift. 

When it comes to finding the perfect hostess gift, first think about your hosts and what they enjoy. Then, go from there and personalize a gift just for them. Don’t feel as if you need to spend tons of money. $20 or less is all you need. Remember, it is the thought that counts! 


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