Transform Your Kitchen in Five Days

Peter Mahoney is all about two things:  quality and efficiency.  In today’s world—those are two highly coveted and valued attributes.  As a construction professional, Peter has an extensive catalog of experience, especially when it comes to kitchen renovations.  Peter shared, “We know that there’s a host of emotions that go into a remodeling project.  There’s a lot of excitement about the possibilities; apprehension about the cost; there is worry about the people coming in and out of one’s home.  But I have spent decades building a trustworthy reputation in the construction industry.  That’s why when it came to starting our business, my wife, Rebecca, and I wanted to find a business model that would reflect the core values we hold dear.

“Kitchen Tune-Up was the perfect fit for us,” Peter continued.  “It is in line with my construction experience, and it also brings efficiency and order to the project.  We can alleviate our customer’s anxiousness about the cost, because we have cost-effective solutions.  We can eliminate their worries, because our team is punctual, respectful, and gets the job done right without an excessive mess.  Our goal is to leave our customers with the one emotion—excitement.”

Because, believe it or not—it’s possible to transform your kitchen in five days!

Peter explained, “Mess and the fear of inconvenience often cause homeowners to hesitate about a kitchen remodel.  They dread the idea of weeks upon weeks of mess and disruption to their home.  However, we can transform a kitchen in five days without sacrificing quality.  While certain add-ons, like flooring and light electrical work, may add another day or two, five days is our average.  Furthermore, since our singular focus is on kitchens, we do what we do really well with amazing results.”

In today’s market of delays and product shortages, a five-day renovation sounds a little too good to be true.  However, Peter and his team make the most of what’s already available, minimizing costs and expediting results.  “A kitchen tune-up is about giving an existing kitchen space a facelift,” Peter explained.  “In many cases, we simply need to add some new doors with hardware and then either paint or reface the boxes to match. We also have base trim and crown molding options to match new doors.  It’s less mess and less money!  But if kitchen cabinets need to be replaced (usually the most expensive part of the job), we have our own high-quality line of cabinets, so we’re not waiting on third-party vendors to supply us with equipment.”

The five-day turnaround is also attributed to the professionalism of the team.  “My team understands kitchens.  It’s what we specialize in, so they understand how kitchens are built.  That knowledge of electrical, plumbing, counters, and cabinets helps expedite the turnaround, because while no two kitchens are exactly alike, the overall bones usually are.”

Peter and his team are incredibly punctual, making the most of every minute.  “When we say we’re going to arrive at 8 AM, we’re there and ready to work.  My guys are well-trained, neat, clean, and they always clean things up at the end of the day.  So, no matter what stage of reconstruction, the kitchen is still workable at the end of the day.  We know that homeowners are looking for as few disruptions as possible, so, yes—even mid-project, our customers can still enjoy a home-cooked meal.”

Peter encourages his customers to utilize the Design Tool on the Kitchen Tune-Up website. “This is a powerful software tool that enables homeowners to select a kitchen floorplan that is similar to their own and then play with the design options.  Everything from appliances, counters, sinks, floors, paint – from top to bottom, Design Tool is a great way to find the perfect look.  And of course, I’m always able to chime in and give some advice based on the homeowner’s lifestyle, home-style, and preferences.

“Kitchens are what we do, but communication is how we get there,” said Peter.  “We are big advocates of being transparent about the process and the progress.  I’m proud of our team who work hard, produce great results, and are so personable and respectful, many of our customers say, ‘That was the best and most professional experience I have ever had with a contractor.’”

At Kitchen Tune-Up, kitchen transformation is possible and affordable.  “It’s amazing what we can do in five days,” said Peter.

Kitchen Tune-Up is based in Clemmons, NC, and serves the Winston-Salem, High Point, and Greensboro areas.  Financing is available.  Contact Kitchen Tune-Up at 336.970.3419 or e-mail Peter at  Visit the website at and be sure to like them on Facebook.


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