Summer Camp Builds a Family

I was never a summer camp kid. I grew up in the era of playing outside, making mud pies, riding my bike to the corner store with loose change for […]

Take the Vacation!

I remember when I had my daughter, everyone told me that vacations and traveling would never happen for me. Being a young mother, I was told a lot of things […]


By Kali Newlen-Burden | Photos By J. Sinclair Craving a change at home but don’t know where to begin? Wondering if it’s time to relocate or renovate? ICON Custom Builders […]

Truliant Makes Mortgage Closing Easier

Buying a home is the biggest purchase that most consumers make.  The benefits – like building equity and giving homebuyers the power to customize their surroundings – make owning a […]

Transform Your Kitchen in Five Days

Peter Mahoney is all about two things:  quality and efficiency.  In today’s world—those are two highly coveted and valued attributes.  As a construction professional, Peter has an extensive catalog of […]

Succession Planning – Preparing the Family Farm

Jill Ransom’s story is familiar.  She spent her adulthood living apart from the family business, visiting the farm several times a year.  At the reading of the will, arrangements provided […]

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