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Need a fresh look to brighten your interior—removing the “dated décor” and creating a serene surrounding?  Look no further than the design team at Today and Tomorrow Interiors.  Founded by Betsy Hine and located in the West End area of Winston-Salem for more than 30 years, the team is experienced in turning their clients’ dreams into reality.  Every project is different and designed to reflect their client’s individual tastes.

The team includes the business founder, Betsy Hine, who has a Masters in Interior Architecture from UNC-Greensboro and more than 40 years of design experience; Steve Hickman, MS in Interior Architecture from UNC-Greensboro; Amy Hopkins, BS in Interior Design from Appalachian State University; Shannon Russ, BS in Interior Design from Salem College; and Hillary Peterson, focused on Marketing and Communications.  Each brings his or her own unique expertise into play with every project.  Today and Tomorrow Interiors’ scope of work extends throughout the South, with design projects completed (or in process) in Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  Betsy shared that on more than one occasion she has worked with new homeowners on homes she once designed for the previous owners.  “It’s a unique experience to consult with a homeowner and realize that I designed the home in years past for the former owner.  It proves that each home design reflects the taste of the owner.”

Visiting a potential client’s home is usually the first step of the design process.  A key point of discussion includes whether there are furniture pieces or room elements a client wants to retain as part of the new design.  Perhaps a family heirloom needs to be refreshed or repurposed to work in harmony with a new environment.

The design team takes its cue from the client’s personal style.  For instance, a client may incorporate a favorite color in their wardrobe on a regular basis.  Including that color as an accent for a new room is a natural extension of their style.  Perhaps a client’s taste in jewelry runs toward a modern, minimalist style or toward more traditional, timeless pieces.  As Betsy expressed it, “[Our observations] regarding a client’s trend in dress in terms of style, color, and accessories will help define their preferences of design style for their home.”

“Using a rug or a piece of artwork as a focal point is a good way to begin a design project,” explained Betsy.  “Pulling a particular color from a rug, for instance, into the overall design creates a cohesive environment with complementary elements that work well together. Keeping the client’s taste and lifestyle in the forefront is paramount.  Keeping up-to-date on design trends is important; translating them to suit our clients is critical.”

Truths in decorating and in life: be true to who you are.  Trust your instincts.  Ask for help.  Honor your spirit.  Be sure you get the right designer.  Referral and personal recommendations are the primary means of expanding their client base at Today and Tomorrow Interiors.  Working with long-term clients is the norm for Betsy and the other designers at Today and Tomorrow Interiors.

Schedule your visit with Betsy and the design team at Today and Tomorrow Interiors via their general office number (336.723.4430).  Their office/design studio is located at 435 West End Blvd., with convenient parking available.  Their office hours are from Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  You may also follow them on their Facebook page.  Let Today and Tomorrow Interiors revive your home and enjoy the results!


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