Everything You Need to Know About Moving: The Experts at American Moving & Hauling

Whoever said moving was fun was either 1) crazy or 2) they had recently hired American Moving and Hauling to do the heavy lifting. As a locally owned and operated company, American Moving and Hauling have established a reputation for being reliable experts in the field of moving and storage.  To that end, if you are preparing for a move, consider the following advice, direct from the experts.

Your move should not be subcontracted.  Amy said, “The company you hire should be the company who moves you.  Our customers know that when they contract our services, our truck will arrive on time with our employees.  We never subcontract out our work.  If our name is on it, we want to ensure that the job is done to our standard.”

Your mover should be communicative.  “When you hire a mover,” Amy maintained, “You are handing over practically every possession you own.  The least your moving company can do is be responsive.  We have a team in place who are well-trained to answer any questions or concerns our customers have.  We do this for a living and know that others aren’t as familiar with the process.  We are happy to guide our customers through it; we know how much they are entrusting to us!”

You should communicate, too.  Amy continued, “As much as it’s important for your moving company to be forthright, so is it equally as important for the customer to be forthright.  We need to know in advance if we’re moving from a second-floor apartment, or if there are odd steps to contend with.  We also need to know if there are especially fragile antiques we’ll be moving.  This isn’t an attempt to pad the final invoice, but it’s to ensure our customers’ belongings arrive at their final destination in one piece, and that our crew meets all the expectations of the moving experience.”

Your mover shouldn’t be afraid of a reference check.  “A reputable moving company will not hesitate to provide references.  If you don’t get a straight answer,” advised Amy, “Check their Facebook page, Google reviews, Yelp, and Angie’s List to gauge customer satisfaction.”

Who should do the packing?  Amy shared, “If you’re going to hire the moving company to pack your belongings, that’s fine.  Just be clear and upfront about your needs, so they show up prepared to handle the task.  If you pack yourself, be sure to clearly label the boxes, be mindful of how you pack, and be sure to label them for which room they belong in.”

What happens on moving day?  “On moving day,” Amy explained, “your mover should arrive on time, and before the first item is moved, they should do a walkthrough of the house.  This helps troubleshoot from the beginning, especially if there are odd angles to work around.  Your moving team has your inventory list, but they need to see the space they are moving into and out of in order to make the most efficient use of their day.”

The American Moving and Hauling team are experts who are eager to answer any questions or provide a quote for their services.  American Moving and Hauling is a woman-owned business located at 535 E Clemmonsville Rd, Ste E in Winston-Salem. Call them at 765-3499 or visit online at AmericanMovingAndHauling.com. They’re also on Facebook!


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