Thrive! The NCHE Homeschool Conference

The decision to homeschool can be a frightening experience, filled with doubts and a never-ending list of questions.  Millions of parents have stood in your shoes questioning the need to seek out a different path to educate their child.  The homeschool “world” is not an isolating endeavor, however; in fact, once you connect with the “North Carolinians for Home Education” organization, you will feel uplifted to pursue this new direction with stronger confidence, due to the guidance, support, and network of new friends.

North Carolinians for Home Education

In 1984, homeschool parents came together, realizing they needed to organize a network to “support and encourage home educators for excellence in education, and to achieve the right to freely home educate in North Carolina.”  As a non-profit organization, the North Carolinians for Home Education, NCHE, “desires to serve all homeschoolers and work to make NC a good homeschooling state for all.”

Thrive, Home School Conference

Marking the 34th-annual conference, NCHE is celebrating the term “Thrive!” as it mirrors the mission “of flourishing families…who remain passionate, curious and actively engaged in their faith and in their learning….”  At the Conference, one can gain insight into homeschooling through

  • outstanding speakers and workshops.
  • visiting NCHE’s largest annual book fair, including over 90 vendors, where parents can also learn about a variety of curriculums and resources.
  • meeting and building relationships with other homeschool families.

Karen, an attendee at the NCHE conference, shares, “This was an amazing trip. The speakers and being able to chat with them, the organization of the whole Convention, the Talent Showcase. If there were problems, they were not fretted over for the public to see. Thank you (all) for this opportunity to happen for everyone.”

Register Today!

Spanning three days from Thursday, May 31st to Saturday, June 2nd, this year’s conference will be held at the Benton Convention Center in the Embassy Suites and Marriott Hotel in Winston-Salem.  Registration requires a click on the following link:

One additional benefit is the chance to enter the “Weekly Give-Away Drawing.”  Through the website,, families have the chance to submit one entry per week leading up to the final opportunity on May 19th.  Lucky winners will receive a registration fee refund, and, if necessary, be provided an upgraded pass.

You may be feel the same way as Barbara, who claimed after attending the conference, “I depend on the conference to show me something new each year, to get me thinking about something I haven’t thought about, or just to find a pearl or two. I really appreciate the wisdom and guidance of those who have finished the journey and those who have perspectives to share at each stage of the journey.”

Helpful Answers to Questions

Prospective homeschool parents have an unlimited amount of questions. While the Conference and communicating with seasoned homeschool parents will help ease the worry, three frequently asked questions are:

  1. How do I know if I am qualified, or can someone else teach my child? With regard to the love parents have for their children, yes, they are the most qualified. It does take time to learn how to understand the best methods, educational philosophies, and each child’s individualized learning style.  Additionally, you can team up with other homeschool parents and decide which subjects you would like to teach, or, perhaps, even hire a teacher.  Another option is online classes.
  2. How does socialization fit into homeschooling?Children no longer feel stressed by their schedules. Through the homeschool experience, they can create viable schedules which work for them and their families, including extracurricular activities and socializing opportunities. Most homeschoolers are well-balanced and achieve academically and socially.
  3. What is the process for beginning homeschooling? Parents will need to notify their local Board of Education in writing to explain their intentions, and the State to claim they are opening a homeschool.

Becoming a homeschool family impacts every member in the household; yet, this personal decision can provide particular freedoms of time and scheduling, and allow children to maintain social activities, meet new friends, and invest in the opportunity to go beyond the curriculum. Homeschooling may be one of the best decisions you make for your family and children.  Sign up for the “Thrive!” Conference today!


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